.NET standard helper library for claims-based identity, OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect.
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A .NET standard helper library for claims-based identity, OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect.


Client library to retrieve OpenID Connect discovery documents and key sets.

var discoveryClient = new DiscoveryClient("https://demo.identityserver.io");
var doc = await discoveryClient.GetAsync();

var tokenEndpoint = doc.TokenEndpoint;
var keys = doc.KeySet.Keys;


Client library for OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect token endpoints.


  • Support for client credentials & resource owner password credential flow
  • Support for exchanging authorization codes with tokens
  • Support for refreshing tokens
  • Support for extensions grants and assertions
  • Support for client secrets via Basic Authentication, POST body and X.509 client certificates
  • Extensible for custom parameters
  • Parsing of token response messages


var client = new TokenClient(

var response = await client.RequestClientCredentialsAsync("scope");
var token = response.AccessToken;


Client library for the OpenID Connect user info endpoint

var userInfoClient = new UserInfoClient(doc.UserInfoEndpoint);

var response = await userInfoClient.GetAsync(token);
var claims = response.Claims;


Client library for the OAuth 2 introspection endpoint

var introspectionClient = new IntrospectionClient(

var response = await introspectionClient.SendAsync(
    new IntrospectionRequest { Token = token });

var isActice = response.IsActive;
var claims = response.Claims;


Helper class for creating authorize request URLs (e.g. for code and implicit flow).

var request = new AuthorizeRequest(doc.AuthorizationEndpoint);
var url = request.CreateAuthorizeUrl(
    clientId:     "client",
    responseType: OidcConstants.ResponseTypes.CodeIdToken,
    responseMode: OidcConstants.ResponseModes.FormPost,
    redirectUri: "https://myapp.com/callback",
    state:       CryptoRandom.CreateUniqueId(),
    nonce:       CryptoRandom.CreateUniqueId());


Helper class for parsing OpenID Connect/OAuth 2 authorize responses

var response = new AuthorizeResponse(url);

var accessToken = response.AccessToken;
var idToken = response.IdentityToken;
var state = response.State;

Fluent API to access the X.509 Certificate store

e.g. do
var cert = X509.LocalMachine.My.SubjectDistinguishedName.Find("CN=sts").First();

Base64 URL encoder/decoder

Helper for working with URL safe base64 encodings

Epoch Time Extensions

Helper for converting DateTime and DateTimeOffset to/from Epoch Time

Time Constant Comparer

Helper for comparing strings without leaking timing information

JWT/OpenID Connect Claim Types

Constants for standard claim types used in JWT, OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect

OpenID Connect Constants

Constants for the OpenID Connect/OAuth 2 protocol