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This is the main git repository for sources of Tempus, a framework for multimodal route planning.

It is composed of several components:

Latest tags

Component Tag
core v2.6.2
wps server v1.2.1
pytempus v1.2.3
osm2tempus v1.1.0
loader v1.2.2
pywps v1.0.0
qgis plugin v1.1.0
pg tempus v1.2.1
json server v1.0.2

Getting Started

Clone this repo with the --recursive option (or use git submodule init && git submodule update after cloning it), then head over to the README of each submodule for instructions.

Windows installation

Tempus packages are available for the OSGeo4W distribution.


  • Download the network installer that will download all the required packages
  • Download the bundled installer that contains all the required packages in one archive.
  • Use the regular OSGeo4W network installer and add when asked for mirrors, you should then be able to select new packages like tempus-core or python3-pytempus
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