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Generically detect exploitation of CVE-2018-4878, a use-after-free vulnerability affecting Adobe Flash versions up to
and including Following the conversation at:
InQuest customers can detect related events on their network by searching for:
event ID 5000805
rule Adobe_Flash_DRM_Use_After_Free
note = "This YARA rule is intended to run atop of decompiled Flash."
$as = "package"
$exp1 = "import com.adobe.tvsdk.mediacore" // covers .*
$exp2 = "createDispatcher("
$exp3 = "createMediaPlayer("
$exp4 = "drmManager.initialize(" // com.adobe.tvsdk.mediacore.DRMOperationCompleteListener;
$vara_1 = "push(this)"
$vara_2 = "push(null)"
$vara_3 = /pop\(\)\..+\s*=\s*.+pop\(\)/
$varb_1 = /push\([^\)]{1,24}drmManager.initialize/
// all the requisite pieces in a single function.
$varc_1 = /\{[^\}]+createDispatcher\s*\([^\}]+createMediaPlayer\s*\([^\}]+drmManager\.initialize\s*\([^\}]+=\s*null[^\}]+\}/
$as at 0 and all of ($exp*) and (all of ($vara*) or $varb_1 or $varc_1)