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A py-based HTTP interface for playing audio and video.
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This is a currently Python, web-based interface for MPlayer I put together because I felt like controlling my RasPi-based media center with an iPod touch that serves no other purpose.

The latest re-write of the system was done for the purposes of exploring some UI construction techniques. Writeups available in

Part 1 and Part 2


  1. install the dependencies
  2. run python
  3. navigate to http://[machine ip]:8080 to use the remote menu

You can run it in the background using GNU Screen. Assuming you have it installed, you start a background server with screen -dmS web-mote python, attach to it using screen -r web-mote and detach with Ctrl+a Ctrl+d.

Like I said, it's meant to be used through my iPod touch, so the stylesheet is specifically crafted to fit the width of the screen and be readable at that size. If you're using another device, you may need to play with the .css file.


If you're on Debian or Raspbian, you can install everything you need by running the following as root:

apt-get install mplayer screen python-setuptools
easy_install tornado


(Why is this always the longest section?)

This program is released under the GNU AGPL (check the LICENSE file for details).

The favicon is a remote control icon designed by FatCow - Udderly Fantastic Hosting and released under CC-BY 3.0

The front-end uses Twitter Bootstrap for styling and icons, which is released under the Apache License

A previous version used artwork from the famfamfam SILK Icon set, which are released under CC-BY 2.5

A previous version used artwork from lucamennoia's media player icons piece (released under CC-NC-SA, so I didn't even need to attribute them, but I'm cool that way).

The folder/video/audio/image icons are from the Crystal Clear set (released under LGPL).

A copy of jQuery is included for ease of use. It's dual-licensed under GPL and MIT-style expat licenses.

A copy of the fantastic Angular.js is included for ease of use. It's released under an MIT-style expat license

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