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A 3d multiplayer deathmatch space game written in D 2.0


  • This project currently only works with dmd 2.058 on windows
  • You will also need my versions of druntime, phobos and thBase
  • Copy the sc.ini from thBase into your dmd2\windows\bin folder. Make a backup copy of the old one, it will break compiling other D projects.
  • Download the data package from the download section and unzip into the Spacecraft\game\data directory
  • Make sure to install OpenAL

The folder structure should look as follows:

  • SomeGroupFolder
    • druntime
    • phobos
    • thBase
    • Spacecraft

Then just build Spacecraft using one of the Visual Studio Solutions. You will need to have VisualD installed.


First you will need to start up a server to connect to:

Spacecraft.exe -server -ip

Then you can connect to it using the client

Spacecraft.exe -ip

If you want to play with others over the network you need to specifiy your real ip-address instead of localhost. Spacecraft was not designed to be played over the internet, but it will work. You will however have some lag if you try it out.

Here is a complete list of all command line options

  • -server starts the server
  • -ip specifies the ip to connect to / host on
  • -port use a different port for connecting / hosting
  • -nograb does not grab the mouse
  • -novsync does turn vsync off (usefull for profiling)
  • -width width of the output resolution
  • -height height of the output resolution
  • -fullscreen start the game in fullscreen mode
  • -nomusic does not play the music while playing
  • -antialiasing the amount of antialiasing you want
  • -name the name for your player character
  • -sensitivity mouse sensitivity multiplier
  • -team the team you want to play on (number)
  • -level the level to load (only server)


  • W,A,S,D - fly around
  • Space,Ctrl - fly up down
  • Q,E - Roll
  • Shift - Trigger Booster
  • Mouse - Look around
  • Mouse Button - Shoot
  • V - Toggle Thrid Person
  • F1,^ - Toggle Developer Console
  • Tab - Toggle Score Display
  • M - Enable/Disable Mouse
  • ESC - Quit the game


A 3d multiplayer deathmatch space game written in D 2.0




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