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Convert Postman JSON to Swagger 2 JSON
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Convert Postman JSON (version 1) to Swagger version 2 JSON

Currently only supports Postman Collection Version 1 JSON, version 2 support coming soon

We are in Pre-Alpha release phases. What does Pre-Alpha mean? During Pre-Alpha we hope to learn and improve on our tools design, development, requirements, and testing.


$ npm install -g postman2swagger2


$ postman2swagger2 -h

  Usage: postman2swagger2 [options] <URL|filename>

  Convert API descriptions from Postman to Swagger.


    -h, --help                       output usage information
    -V, --version                    output the version number
    -e, --environment <environment>  Specifies Postman Environment to use for dynamic values in Postman file.
    --host <host>                    Specifies global host.
    -o, --out <out>                  Specify the path and filename you want to output your swagger document to. Defaults to "./swagger2.json"


$ postman2swagger2 ./apidocs/tests.postman_collection.json --out ../../swagger-file.json


Contributions are welcome and encouraged. See for instructions.

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