Inference Model Manager for Kubernetes
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Inference Model Manager for Kubernetes


Inference Model Manager for Kubernetes is an open source SW platform intended to provide convenient solution for hosting, management and scaling inference processing endpoints exposed over gRPC protocol.

It is built on top of Kubernetes and integrates with TensorFlow Serving* and OpenVINO Model Server* for exposing the inference services via gRPC endpoints.

It is intended for organizations who dynamically deploy and scale inference endpoints.

  • Users are organized into tenants
  • Multiple tenants are supported with “soft” isolation

Inference Model Manager for Kubernetes includes a custom REST API which simplifies the configuration and management of hosted inference services. Inference Model Manager integrates with Minio or other S3 compatible components used for storage of the AI models.

Inference Model Manager for Kubernetes conjoins inference services scalability and easy management with security features like:

  • limiting access to inference endpoints to authorized clients only
  • preventing unauthorized access to management API
  • limiting access to tenant data based on group membership information from external identity provider.

Fully customizable serving templates provide predefined and optimized Kubernetes configurations of inference services. It ensures well tuned performance with maximum simplicity on the users side. Templates can enable additional model servers or adjust them to application needs and the infrastructure configuration.

Installation quicksheet (beta)

Architecture overview

Prerequisites and requirements

Building platform components

Deployment guide

Platform admin guide

Platform user guide

Example grpc client

Security recommendation for Kubernetes


Serving templates



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