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Interneuron Synapse


This Read Me is provided to give guidance on the installation and configuration of Interneuron Synapse v0.1.


The following prerequisites are required for Interneuron Synapse. The installation and configuration of these applications is not covered by this read me.

  • PostgreSQL v10.x, v11.x
  • .NET Core 2.x
  • IIS / Kestrel / Azure
  • Visual Studio Community 2017 required for publishing Synapse Studio.

Installation & Configuration

This section guides you through the deployment and configuration of your development environment for the Synapse DynamicAPI and Synapse Studio components.

Synapse Dynamic API

  1. Restore the Synapse database from /SynapseDatabase/RestoreSynapseSchema_v1.0.sql to your PostgreSQL Instance.

  2. Create a PostgreSQL user for Synapse with full access to the Synapse database.

  3. Update the connection string in: /SynapseDynamicAPI/SynapseDynamicAPI/appsettings.json

  "ConnectionStrings": {
    "SynapseDataStore": "Server=@@SERVERNAME@@;User Id=@@USERNAME@@;Password=@@PASSWORD@@;Database=synapse;",
    "SynapseIdentityStore": "Server=@@SERVERNAME@@;User Id=@@SERVERNAME@@;Password=@@PASSWORD@@;Database=synapseidentity;"

Synapse Studio

  1. Using Visual Studio, modify the DynamicAPI publish profile for your chosen deployment setup (IIS etc) and Publish the project.

  2. Update the connection string in SynapseStudio/SynapseStudio/Web.config

  <add name="PGSQLConnection" connectionString="Server=@@SERVERNAME@@;User Id=@@USERNAME@@;Password=@@PASSWORD@@;Database=synapse;Port=5432"/>
  1. Modify the Synapse publish profile for your chosen deployment setup (IIS etc) and Publish.

  2. Browse to http://your-chosen-url/SynapseStudio/RegisterAsSuperUser.aspx and provide credentials to register your super user account.

  3. Use the new super register to logon.

You have now successfully configured Synapse v0.1!

Issues & Feedback

We are currently working on our documentation, but if you have any feedback or issues please do drop us a line at