WooCommerce (Wordpress) plugin for integration with InvoiceFox.
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##WooCommerce InvoiceFox integration

This is a WooCommerce plugin that can, based on an Order add client, invoice, pro forma invoice or inventory sales order to InvoiceFox/Cebelca.biz. You can also mark invoice paid from Order page and check if ordered items are on inventory (in case you are using an invoicefox inventory module).



###Install & setup

  • Copy the woocommerce-invoicefox folder to ./wordpress/wp-content/plugins/.
  • Go to admin > plugins > installed plugins and Activate WooCommerce+InvoiceFox.
  • Go to WooCommerce / Settings / Integration / InvoiceFox page, to set it up.


  • Open Order on WooCommerce Orders page and additional Order Actions that you get when plugin is installed: ** Create Invoice ** Mark invoice paid ** Create Proforma ** Check Items Inventory ** Create Inventory Sales

###Where does this work

www.invoicefox.com , www.invoicefox.co.nz , www.invoicefox.com.au , www.abelie.biz , www.cebelca.biz


  • Add functionality and options to download the PDF of invoice or send it via email.