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Multipurpose tool for Switch.


JKSV on Switch started as a small project/port to test some things and get familiar with libnx. A list of what it currently can do:

  1. Dump and restore save data.
    • This includes the ability to dump and restore to/from any location on SD by pressing minus and using the Advanced Mode.
  2. Dump system save data
    • Pressing all four shoulder buttons at once will rescan and include the previously unlisted system saves.
    • Dumping this data is allowed, but writing back is not.
  3. Open and explore bis storage partitions via the Extras menu
    • BIS Storage is opened inside a basic filebrowser. The partition's listing is on the left. Your SD is on the right.
    • Only copying to SD and file properties work on BIS partitions. Writing to and deleting are disabled for now.
  4. Misc Extras:
    • NAND Dumping
    • Ability to remove downloaded firmware updates from NAND.
    • Terminating processes by ID. Allowing you to dump normally unopenable system archives.
    • Mount by System Save ID. Normally used when the terminated process makes JKSV unable to rescan titles without the Switch crashing.


  1. Requires devkitPro and libnx
  2. Requires switch-freetype, libpng, and libjpeg-turbo

Credits and Thanks:

  • shared-font example by yellows8
  • Authors of switch-examples for account and save mounting code.
  • Iguniisu for the icon.