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A Python Panda3D video game project I am building for 15-112 and beyond! Feel free to play with or learn from the code!
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A Python Panda3D video game project I am building for CMU's 15-112 and beyond!

Note: the instructions below are for development only. If you are looking just to play the game, see "releases." (Currently not available)


  • Python 3.6 with pip (I used Miniconda and conda env).
  • Git

Getting it Running:

First, open a command prompt. git clone the project if you haven't already. Then cd into the root and type pip install -r requirements.txt

Also, the project requires my PyBSP Dungeon Generator. To set it up, cd into the root folder of Teapot-Wars-2 and type mkdir external. cd into external and git clone

Assuming you change back to the root folder, we are now ready to run python to start up the game!

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