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Wheel of LunchIn Master Files

How does it work?

  • The wheel starts on "in BONUS"
  • The wheel must make at least one full rotation
  • The restaurant selected is the Lunch Location

Special Slots:

  • BONUS: Spin again, using only the 12 icons in the inner ring
  • Oh Yes (Bonus Spin): Spin again, using the outer 24 icons. LinkedIn will pay for it!


  • What if I spin "BONUS", "Oh Yes", "BONUS"? Lucky you! You're going to be spinning a 4th time. LinkedIn is going to be paying for a nice lunch on the inner ring!
  • What are the odds?
    • Bonus Restaurant: 1/24
    • LinkedIn Pays for Common Restaurant: 1/288
    • LinkedIn Pays for Bonus Restaurant: 1/6912
    • LinkedIn Pays for that really awesome Benihana slot I'm eyeing: 1/82944

Want to add to the wheel? go/wol