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// RBSplitViewPrivateDefines.h version 1.2
// RBSplitView
// Created by Rainer Brockerhoff on 19/11/2004.
// Copyright 2004-2009 Rainer Brockerhoff.
// Some Rights Reserved under the Creative Commons Attribution License, version 2.5, and/or the MIT License.
// These defines are used only locally; no sense exporting them in the main header file where they might
// conflict with something...
// This is the hysteresis value for collapsing/expanding subviews with the mouse. 0.05 (5%) works well.
#define HYSTERESIS (0.05)
// This selects the main horizontal or vertical coordinate according to the split view's orientation.
// It can be used as an lvalue, too. You need to have BOOL ishor declared to use it.
#define DIM(x) (((CGFloat*)&(x))[ishor])
// This selects the other coordinate. You need to have BOOL ishor declared to use it.
#define OTHER(x) (((CGFloat*)&(x))[!ishor])
// This value for the view offsets is guaranteed to be out of view for quite some time and is used
// to mark the view as collapsed.
#define WAYOUT (1000000.0)
// This is the default framerate for collapse/expand animation.
#define FRAMETIME (1.0/60.0)
// This struct is used internally for speeding up adjustSubviews.
typedef struct subviewCache {
NSRect rect; // the subview's frame
double fraction; // fractional extra
RBSplitSubview* sub; // points at the subview
CGFloat size; // current dimension
BOOL constrain; // set if constrained
} subviewCache;
// This struct is used internally for doing collapse/expand animation.
typedef struct animationData {
RBSplitSubview* owner; // the subview being animated
CGFloat dimension; // the subview's starting or ending dimension
int stepsDone; // counts already done animation steps
NSTimeInterval elapsedTime; // time already spent in resizing and adjusting subviews
NSTimeInterval finishTime; // the animation should be finished at this time
NSTimeInterval totalTime; // total time the animation should take
BOOL collapsing; // YES if we're collapsing, NO if we're expanding
BOOL resizing; // YES if we're resizing, NO if we're frozen
} animationData;
// The following methods are for internal use, and you should never call or override them.
// They'll probably vary wildy from version to version, too.
@interface RBSplitSubview (RB___SubviewAdditions)
- (void)RB___setHidden:(BOOL)flag;
- (animationData*)RB___animationData:(BOOL)start resize:(BOOL)resize;
- (void)RB___stepAnimation;
- (BOOL)RB___stopAnimation;
- (CGFloat)RB___visibleDimension;
- (CGFloat)RB___setMinAndMaxTo:(CGFloat)value savingMin:(CGFloat*)oldmin andMax:(CGFloat*)oldmax;
- (CGFloat)RB___collapse;
- (CGFloat)RB___expandAndSetToMinimum:(BOOL)setToMinimum;
- (void)RB___finishCollapse:(NSRect)rect withFraction:(double)value;
- (void)RB___finishExpand:(NSRect)rect withFraction:(double)value;
- (void)RB___setFrameSize:(NSSize)size withFraction:(double)value;
- (void)RB___setFrame:(NSRect)rect withFraction:(double)value notify:(BOOL)notify;
- (double)RB___fraction;
- (void)RB___copyIntoCache:(subviewCache*)cache;
- (void)RB___updateFromCache:(subviewCache*)cache withTotalDimension:(CGFloat)value;
- (BOOL)RB___clearResponder;
@interface RBSplitView (RB___ViewAdditions)
- (void)RB___adjustOutermostIfNeeded;
- (void)RB___setDragging:(BOOL)flag;
- (CGFloat)RB___dividerOrigin:(NSUInteger)indx;
- (NSArray*)RB___subviews;
- (NSUInteger)RB___numberOfSubviews;
- (void)RB___adjustSubviewsExcepting:(RBSplitSubview*)excepting;
- (CGFloat)RB___dimensionWithoutDividers;
- (CGFloat)RB___dividerThickness;
- (NSRect)RB___dividerRect:(NSUInteger)indx relativeToView:(RBSplitView*)view;
- (void)RB___setMustClearFractions;
- (BOOL)RB___shouldResizeWindowForDivider:(NSUInteger)indx betweenView:(RBSplitSubview*)leading andView:(RBSplitSubview*)trailing willGrow:(BOOL)grow;
- (void)RB___tryToExpandLeading:(RBSplitSubview*)leading divider:(NSUInteger)indx trailing:(RBSplitSubview*)trailing delta:(CGFloat)delta;
- (void)RB___tryToShortenLeading:(RBSplitSubview*)leading divider:(NSUInteger)indx trailing:(RBSplitSubview*)trailing delta:(CGFloat)delta always:(BOOL)always;
- (void)RB___tryToExpandTrailing:(RBSplitSubview*)trailing leading:(RBSplitSubview*)leading delta:(CGFloat)delta;
- (void)RB___tryToShortenTrailing:(RBSplitSubview*)trailing divider:(NSUInteger)indx leading:(RBSplitSubview*)leading delta:(CGFloat)delta always:(BOOL)always;
- (void)RB___trackMouseEvent:(NSEvent*)theEvent from:(NSPoint)where withBase:(NSPoint)base inDivider:(NSUInteger)indx;
- (void)RB___addCursorRectsTo:(RBSplitView*)masterView forDividerRect:(NSRect)rect thickness:(CGFloat)delta;
- (NSUInteger)RB___dividerHitBy:(NSPoint)point relativeToView:(RBSplitView*)view thickness:(CGFloat)delta;
- (void)RB___drawDividersIn:(RBSplitView*)masterView forDividerRect:(NSRect)rect thickness:(CGFloat)delta;