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REFUCTORED Spring PetClinic Sample Application

see for the forked version of the original

Build Status


Minimum requirements


  • To produce nicely looking diagrams, install GraphViz (download)

Installing and getting to know the sample application

Hint: Preferable, you use the Git bash command line or any Unix-like shell for these tasks.

For our use case, we take the sample application petclinic of the Spring Framework to demonstrate the usage of jQAssistant and Neo4j. The creator of jQAssistant already put almost everything in place. This version just adds some bad code to have something to analyze.

The sample application itself is a simple demo for organizing visits of pet owners to vets in a clinic.

Understanding the Spring Petclinic application with a few diagrams

Downloading and running the petclinic web application

First, we want to download the source code of the application with Git, build it with Maven (using mvnw) and running the embedded web application server tomcat7:

	git clone
	cd spring-petclinic
	./mvnw tomcat7:run

You can then access the petclinic web application with your browser here: http://localhost:9966/petclinic/

This is what it looks like:

To shutdown the server, press Ctrl + X on the command line.

Running jQAssistant / Neo4j locally

After shuting down the web application server, you can start jQAssistant with this Maven command:

	./mvnw jqassistant:server

You should see the following on the command line:

You can then access the Neo4j browser frontend with the scanned data here: http://localhost:7474

This is what it should look like after clicking the button in the upper left corner (symbol may differ):

Next steps

Next, you can click on the various labels in the drawer to explore the scanned software data. You can also use the Neo4j guide for jQAssistant (beta) by executing the following command


or by simply clicking this link: http://localhost:7474/browser?cmd=play&arg= The guide will show you some first steps with jQAssistant/Neo4j.

More information e. g. about the scanned Java code can be found in the documentation of jQAssistant:

Have fun!