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The Changelog

History of changes in IdeaVim for the IntelliJ platform.

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Would you like to try new features and fixes? Join the Early Access Program and receive EAP builds as updates! Add this URL to "Settings | Plugins | Browse Repositories | Manage Repositories":

It is important to distinguish EAP from traditional pre-release software. Please note that the quality of EAP versions may at times be way below even usual beta standards.

To Be Released

  • VIM-620 Fixed handling <C-O> and <Esc> in Insert and Replace modes
  • VIM-798 Allow arrow keys for window navigation commands

0.50, 2018-10-18

Moved "Vim Emulation" settings into "File | Settings | Vim Emulation". Support for vim-multiple-cursors commands <A-n>, <A-x>, <A-p>, g<A-n> (put set multiple-cursors into your ~/.ideavimrc to enable it). Support for running Vim commands for multiple cursors. Various bug fixes.

  • VIM-634 Support for vim-multiple-cursors commands <A-n>, <A-x>, <A-p>, g<A-n>
  • VIM-780 Support for running Vim commands for multiple cursors
  • VIM-176 Fixed arrow key navigation in Run/Debug tool windows
  • VIM-339 Fixed <Esc> in diff windows
  • VIM-862 Allow :action to work in visual mode
  • VIM-1110 Put the caret in correct place after I in visual block mode
  • VIM-1329 Request focus reliably for Ex entry and output panels
  • VIM-1368 Wait for focus reliably before running an :action
  • VIM-1379 Fixed I for short lines in visual block mode
  • VIM-1380 Fixed cw with count at the end of a word
  • VIM-1404 Fixed the ability to use :e# when editor tabs are hidden
  • VIM-1431 Fixed pasting text into the empty document
  • VIM-1427 Added the support for count to the it and at motions
  • VIM-1287 Fixed i( actions inside string literals
  • VIM-1317 Don't run Undo/Redo inside write actions
  • VIM-1366 Don't wrap a secondary event loop for input() into a write action
  • VIM-1274 Correctly process escaping when smartcase is on

0.49, 2017-12-12

Enabled zero-latency typing for Vim emulation. Added support for iskeyword option. Various bug fixes.

  • VIM-1254 Enable zero-latency typing for Vim emulation
  • VIM-1367 Support iskeyword option
  • VIM-523 Fixed global mark remembering only the line number

0.48, 2017-01-15

A bugfix release.

Bug fixes:

  • VIM-1205 Don't move key handling into separate event for raw handlers
  • VIM-1216 Fixed . resetting the last find movement while repeating change that also uses movement


  • Support for zero-latency rendering

0.47, 2016-10-19

A bugfix release.

Bug fixes:

  • VIM-1098 Don't start visual selection when mouse click was actually drag over single character
  • VIM-1190 Fixed exception "Write access is allowed from write-safe contexts only"

0.46, 2016-07-07

Added incsearch option for incremental search. Added support for it and at tag block selection. Added vim-surround commands ys, cs, ds, S. Various bug fixes.


  • VIM-769 Added vim-surround commands ys, cs, ds, S
  • VIM-264 Added tag block selection
  • VIM-271 Added incsearch option for showing search results while typing
  • VIM-217 Added support for ={motion} formatting command

Bug fixes:

  • VIM-796 Fixed focus issues with :action command
  • VIM-581 Fixed use of special registers 0-9 and - in delete commands
  • VIM-965 Fixed exception in [m in some file types
  • VIM-564 Fixed g_ move to go to the current line
  • VIM-964 Fixed marks behavior when the whole line got deleted
  • VIM-259 Move caret to the line beginning after ==
  • VIM-246 Fixed {count}== formatting
  • VIM-287 Fixed insert new line before and after folds
  • VIM-139 Focus on current search and use modal confirmation for :s///gc
  • VIM-843 Don't highlight search results after restart
  • VIM-1126 Fixed warning about modifying shortcuts of global actions for 2016.2

0.44, 2015-11-02

A bugfix release.

  • VIM-1040 Fixed typing keys in completion menus and typing with the plugin disabled

0.43, 2015-11-02

A bugfix release.

  • VIM-1039 Fixed running the plugin with Java 6

0.42, 2015-11-01

This release is compatible with IntelliJ 15+ and other IDEs based on the IntelliJ platform branch 143+.

  • VIM-970 Fixed move commands in read-only files

0.41, 2015-06-10

A bugfix release.

  • VIM-957 Fixed plugin version 0.40 is not compatible with IDEs other than IntelliJ

0.40, 2015-06-09

Added support for mapleader. Support comments in % brace matching. Various bug fixes.


  • VIM-650 Added support for mapleader
  • VIM-932 Support comments in % brace matching

Bug fixes:

  • VIM-586 Invoke Vim shortcuts handler later to restore the sequence of input events
  • VIM-838 J shouldn't add whitespace if there is a trailing space
  • VIM-855 Fixed regexp character class problem
  • VIM-210 Fix focus issues with the Ex panel and splits
  • VIM-575 Don't change cursor position of other splits in visual mode
  • VIM-864 Fixed visual marks getting changed during visual substitute
  • VIM-856 Fixed regex look-behind problem
  • VIM-868 Allow count on gt and gT
  • VIM-700 Remapping 0 should still allow it to be entered in command count
  • VIM-781 Fixed expanding visual block selection past empty lines
  • VIM-845 Fixed c and x functionality for visual block selections
  • VIM-930 Fixed editor focus issues after closing Ex entry box on Oracle Java 6

0.39, 2014-12-03

A bugfix release.

Bug fixes:

  • VIM-848 Show line numbers if they are enabled in the settings and there is no set number
  • VIM-702 Fix infinite loop on s/$/\r/g
  • EA-63022 Don't update line numbers in the caret movement event listener

0.38, 2014-12-01

Added support for number and relativenumber options, clipboard=unnamed option. Added :action and :actionlist commands for executing arbitrary IDE actions. Various bug fixes.


  • VIM-476 Added support for clipboard=unnamed option
  • VIM-410 Added support for relativenumber option
  • VIM-483 Added support for number option
  • VIM-652 Added :action and :actionlist commands for executing arbitrary IDE actions

Bug fixes:

  • VIM-818 Enable key repeat on Mac OS X every time it gets reset by the OS
  • VIM-624 Deselect visual selection range on opening the Ex entry field
  • VIM-511 Fixed editing offset after <BS> for . command
  • VIM-792 Fixed line-wise and block-wise paste commands for * and + registers
  • VIM-501 Fixed off-by-1 error in visual block-wise selection
  • VIM-613 Fixed repeat after d$
  • VIM-705 Fixed repeated multiline indent
  • VIM-567 Fixed :! to allow running non-filter commands
  • VIM-536 Fixed cc on the second-to-last line
  • VIM-515 Fixed cW command detecting end-of-word incorrectly
  • VIM-794 Fixed NCDFE related to 'number' in IDEs other than IntelliJ
  • VIM-771 Fix semicolon repeat for 'till char' motion
  • VIM-723 Fix pasting to an empty line

0.37, 2014-10-15

A bugfix release.

Bug fixes:

  • VIM-784 Fixed visual line selection where the start of the selection range was greater than its end
  • VIM-407 Fixed >> to work if a line contains only one character

0.36, 2014-10-14

Added support for common window splitting and navigation commands. Various bug fixes.


  • VIM-171 Window <C-W> commands: split, close, next/previous windows, left/right/up/down windows
  • VIM-265 Window :split and :vsplit commands

Bug fixes:

  • VIM-632 Restored visual block mode that was broken due to multiple carets support
  • VIM-770 Close the current tab on :quit instead of all tabs with the current file
  • VIM-569 Fixed <C-W> when the caret is at the end of a line

0.35, 2014-05-15

The ~/.vimrc initialization file is no longer read by default, use ~/.ideavimrc instead.


  • VIM-690 Read initialization commands only from ~/.ideavimrc

Bug fixes:

  • VIM-676 Handle control characters in .ideavimrc as pressed, not typed keystrokes
  • VIM-679 Parse characters less than U+0020 as <C-$CHAR>
  • VIM-683 Allow <C-PageUp>/<C-PagDown> to be used outside of Vim emulation
  • VIM-646 Don't update the visual selection if a command moves the caret and exits the visual mode
  • VIM-213 Use '< and '> marks for saving and restoring the last visual selection

0.34, 2014-04-29

A bugfix release.

Bug fixes:

  • VIM-674 Don't handle <Tab> in Insert mode in Vim emulation
  • VIM-672 Ignore mappings that contain <Plug> and <SID>
  • VIM-670 First character of a recursive mapping shouldn't be mapped again
  • VIM-666 Support <Bar> in Vim key notation
  • VIM-666 Ignore characters after | in :map commands
  • VIM-667 Ignore potentially nested lines of .vimrc based on leading whitespace

0.33, 2014-04-28

Added support for :map key mapping commands. New keyboard shortcuts handler that doesn't require a separate keymap for Vim emulation. Added support for :source and :sort commands.


  • VIM-288 Support for :map key mapping commands
  • VIM-543 Allow granular enable/disable of Vim shortcut keys
  • VIM-643 Support for :source command
  • VIM-439 Support for :sort command

Bug fixes:

  • VIM-528 Search and replace with grouping no longer works
  • VIM-281 Don't disable global reformat code action for Vim emulation

0.32, 2013-11-15

Fixed API compatibility with IntelliJ platform builds 132.1052+.

0.31, 2013-11-12

A bugfix release.

Bug fixes:

  • VIM-582 Fixed line comment and reformat commands with no visual selection

0.30, 2013-11-11

Added support for a separate .ideavimrc config file. Fixed long-standing issues with merged undo/redo commands and <Esc> during code completion. Various bug fixes.


  • VIM-425 Read config from .ideavimrc if available

Bug fixes:

  • VIM-98 Invoke actions in separate commands for better undo/redo
  • VIM-193 Launch Vim action handler for <Esc> in completion windows
  • VIM-440 Fixed :e open file dialog
  • VIM-550 :put creates a new line
  • VIM-551 Argument of :put is optional
  • Fixed several reported exceptions

0.29, 2013-05-15

A bugfix release.

Bug fixes:

  • VIM-482 Fixed repeat buffer limits
  • VIM-91 Enable normal <Enter> handling for one-line editors
  • VIM-121 Don't move cursor while scrolling

0.28, 2013-04-06

A bugfix release.

Bug fixes:

  • VIM-478 Fixed reconfigure Vim keymap for user-defined base keymaps
  • VIM-479 Don't try to activate insert mode for diff view

0.27, 2013-04-03

New Vim keymap generator creates better keymaps, especially for Mac OS X. Restart after reconfiguring the keymap is no longer required.


  • VIM-92 Better Vim keymaps for Mac OS X
  • VIM-286 Ask if the plugin should enable repeating keys in Mac OS X

Bug fixes:

  • VIM-42 Fixed code completion for the . command
  • VIM-421 Fixed cw on the last character in line
  • VIM-419 Fixed resetting cursor position after 'gt' and 'gT'
  • VIM-233 Fixed code completion for edits in visual block mode
  • VIM-404 Fixed O command at the first line
  • VIM-472 Fixed right selection in visual mode to be one char more
  • Fixed command window font size to match editor font size

0.26, 2012-12-26

Added support for paste in the command mode: from a register using <C-R>, from the clipboard using <S-Insert> or <M-V>. Added support for the last change position mark (the dot . mark). New shortcuts for Go to declaration <C-]> and Navigate back <C-T>. Various bug fixes.


  • VIM-262 Support for paste from register in command mode
  • VIM-214 Key bindings for paste into command line
  • VIM-43 Added support for the last change position mark
  • VIM-177 Added <C-]> and <C-T> to the keymap

Bug fixes:

  • VIM-302 Fixed tab switching order for gt and gT

0.25, 2012-12-19

A bugfix release.

  • VIM-400 Fixed saving characters with key modifiers in plugin settings
  • VIM-319 Fixed saving plugin settings when registers contain the null character

0.24, 2012-12-03

Added Vim string object selection motions (see help topics v_i", v_a"). Various bug fixes.


  • VIM-132 String object selection motions

Bug fixes:

  • VIM-393 Fixed restoring editor state after invalid arguments with pending operators
  • VIM-244 Fixed dl for the last character in line
  • VIM-394 Fixed daw for first and last words with no space at the right/left in the current line
  • VIM-296 Fixed cc at the last line
  • VIM-392 Fixed change action at the last char in word for non-word motions
  • VIM-390 Fixed paste a single line at the last line
  • VIM-325 External web help for Vim
  • VIM-300 Fixed cw at the last char of a word before next word without whitespace
  • VIM-200 Fixed cw at the last character of a word
  • VIM-105 Fixed w motion for the last word in line
  • VIM-223 Fixed AE: BaseCodeCompletionAction.actionPerformed
  • VIM-331 Fixed word bounds in w motion for extended latin letters
  • Fixed w motion to stop at empty line
  • VIM-312 Fixed range and caret position after dw on the last single-word line, w command argument for the last word in file
  • Fixed w motion at the last word
  • VIM-85 Bug fix for gi behaviour
  • Always move cursor at the beginning of the deleted range
  • VIM-275 Fixed edge cases for i{ motion
  • VIM-314 Made i{ motion characterwise, not linewise/characterwise in visual mode
  • VIM-326 Fixed IOOBE in delete inner block motion inside string literals
  • VIM-157 Fixed regression in moving the cursor after ~

0.23.115, 2012-11-14

A bugfix release.

  • VIM-318 Fixed executing editor commands for editors not bound to a project
  • VIM-321 Fixed IOOBE in delete empty range
  • VIM-112 Delete a single previous word with in insert mode, not all inserted words

0.23.111, 2012-11-12

A bugfix release.

  • Register action for 'iW' selection
  • Vim compatible regexp substitutions for '\n' and '\r'
  • Index of supported commands covered with tests
  • VIM-276 T and F motions are exclusive, not inclusive
  • VIM-289 Fixed regexp substitute when the substitution contained newlines
  • VIM-185 Fixed NPE in KeyHandler.handleKey()
  • VIM-226 Added tests for the bug fixed together with VIM-146
  • VIM-146 Fixed handling of '$' in search and substitute commands
  • VIM-198 Fixed indexing bug in offset normalization
  • VIM-311 Test for single command sub-mode of insert mode
  • EA-33193 Fixed access to context data from different Swing events
  • Fixed command handling when motion expected, but another type of argument found

0.23.93, 2012-03-21

A bugfix release. Vim.xml was fixed to use Command+C, Command+V on Mac OS. Unfortunately you need to update Vim.xml manually this time.


Previous Releases

... from 0.8.4 Bug Fixes

  • The Escape key is passed up to IDEA if not used by VIM first. This fix solves minor issues such as not being able to clear highlighted text using the Ctrl-Shift-F7, for example.
  • :quit command now works in all forms (e.g. :q, :qu, :qui, :quit).
  • Performing a change command while in visual mode now properly terminates visual mode.
  • Fixed internal error caused when trying to use visual mode with IDEA's "column mode".

0.8.3 from 0.8.2 Bug Fixes

  • After a fresh install it is possible to get a NPE when loading the first project. Now fixed.
  • Fixed :class and :find. These were also broken by the focus fix in 0.7.2.
  • Fixed * and # commands on one letter words.
  • Fixed * and # commands on last word of line with trailing punctuation.
  • Fixed b and e commands when trying to move to first or last word of file and the first or last character of the file was punctuation.
  • Fixed NullPointerException appearing in system log when viewing a .form file.
  • Fixed extraneous characters getting added to a register during recording.
  • Use file type's indent size instead of tab size for indenting text.
  • Restore caret if plugin is disabled.
  • Fixed ability to delete blank line at end of files.

0.8.2 from 0.8.1

  • Fixed typo in plugin.xml for new 'since-build'

0.8.1 from 0.8.0 Bug Fixes

  • Updated to show up in the plugin list for Pallada.
  • Fixed NullPointerException when using the :qall, :q, or :wq commands.
  • Fixed the :edit, :next, :previous, :argument, :first, and :last commands. These were broken by the focus fix in 0.7.2.

0.8.0 from 0.7.3 New Features

  • Support for Pallada (IDEA 4.5)
  • Support for the hlsearch option and the :nohlsearch command. Now when a search is done, all matching text is highlighted. The highlight attributes are based on the "General|Search result" color setting. (Not for 4.0.x)
  • Support for aw, aW, iw, and iW while in visual mode or as arguments to the y, gu, gU, g~, c, d, and ! commands.

Bug Fixes

  • e and E while on the last word of a file didn't work.
  • b and B while on the first word of a file didn't work.

0.7.3 from 0.7.2

New Features

  • Added support for digraphs. Currently you can use Ctrl-k {char1}{char2} to enter a special character. This works while in Insert/Replace mode, as an argument to the r, F, T, f, and t commands, or while entering an ex command. The :digraphs command has been added to display the currently supported digraphs. Certain special cases of the Ctrl-K {char1}{char2} sequence are not supported. This supports all two character digraphs as listed in RFC1345. This amounts to 1,338 digraphs! Ensure the file encoding can handle the characters you enter.
  • Added support for the 'digraph' option. If set, digraphs may be entered using {char1} [BackSpace] {char2}. This works in Insert/Replace mode or while entering an ex command.
  • Added support for Ctrl-v {digits}. This works while in Insert/Replace mode, as an argument to the r, F, T, f, and t commands, or while entering an ex command.
  • A new Vim.xml keymap needs to be installed or Ctrl-K needs to be removed from all source control menus.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed backspace in ex entry. Deleting the first character was closing the ex entry window.

0.7.2 from 0.7.1

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed c<motion and d exception if the motion was invalid.
  • Fixed focus problem with : and / and ? commands.
  • Fixed word motion on strings such as 1/2/3.
  • Fixed which didn't always match doing independent commands.
  • Fixed cw on strings such as 1/2/3.
  • Fixed dw which could delete lines instead.
  • The results of the :registers, :marks, and :set commands are now displayed properly. This "more" window hadn't been working for a while.
  • Fixed cursor position when issuing the O command on the first line.
  • The confirmation dialog used with the :s//c command now has a default button and mnemonics for all buttons.
  • A space is now properly allowed between the range and the command in a : command such as :1,2 co 4

0.7.1 from 0.7.0

Bug Fixes

  • Opening a non-text file resulted in some exceptions. This could happen when opening an image with the ImageViewer plugin.
  • Better handling of trying to edit a VCS controlled read-only file.
  • Properly handle multiple < or > in the :> and :< commands.
  • Fixed an exception and assertions when reopening a project.
  • Fixed cursor position problem when issuing a c command that changed text up to the end of line.
  • Using the C command on an empty file caused an error.
  • Changing the last word on the last line leaves cursor correctly.

0.7.0 from 0.6.5

New Features

  • Highlighting lines of code by clicking and/or dragging in the line number area now leaves you in visual line mode.
  • Undoing all changes in a file now correctly marks the file as unchanged if it hasn't been saved in the meantime.
  • All the :write commands (:w :wn :wN :wq) save just the one file now. To save all files use the :wall command.
  • Enhanced the :e command. Support for :e# and :e have been added. :e# selects the previous tab. :e will search the entire project and open the first matching file. Relative paths are supported too. :e with no argument will still bring up the File Open dialog.
  • Added support for the gP and gp commands.
  • Added support for the z+ and z^ commands.
  • Added :class command to bring up "Go To Class" dialog. If followed by a classname, open the corresponding Java file. Not in VIM.
  • Added :symbol command to bring up "Go To Symbol" dialog. Not in VIM.
  • Editors use block cursor for command mode and a vertical bar for insert/replace mode.
  • Better support for split view editing.
  • Text selection is reflected in all editors of a file.

Bug Fixes

  • Under certain conditions, highlighting text left you in multiple layers of visual mode. This is now fixed.
  • The gv command resulted in too much text being selected in many cases.
  • The gv command now properly restores the cursor position.
  • Fixed exception caused by using the :undo and :redo commands.
  • Re-enabled all the :write related commands. Hopefully the deadlock has been solved.
  • Fixed error referencing unknown class FileCloseAction.
  • Fixed several exceptions related to edit fields in dialog boxes.
  • Fixed some exceptions related to the undo manager.
  • Status was not always show proper mode.
  • r now works as expected.
  • Toggling between insert and replace mode wasn't working properly.
  • The cursor wasn't always restored correctly after an undo.
  • Yanking the last line and then putting it elsewhere sometimes resulted in the old and new line not having a newline between them.
  • Repeating of o and O commands, including with count, works properly now.
  • dw, dW, and d[w now act like d$ if deleting the last word of a line.
  • cW now properly behaves like cE.

0.6.5 from 0.6.4

Support for Aurora build #1050 and higher.

0.6.4 from 0.6.3

Support for Aurora build #1035 and higher.

New Features

  • Added support for {, }, '{, '}, {, and } commands (previous and next paragraph).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed cursor movement problem introduced in version 0.6.3.
  • Fixed issues with visual ranges introduced in version 0.6.3.
  • Fixed bug with cursor placement when clicking on a blank line.
  • Triple clicking text now properly puts the user in Visual Line mode.


  • Removed use of newly deprecated methods in Open API.
  • Some basic code cleanup.

0.6.3 from 0.6.2

Support for Aurora build #992 and higher.

0.6.2 from 0.6.1

Repackaged to install as a zip directory instead of a jar file. This provides better support for the new plugins repository.

0.6.1 from 0.6.0

Support for Aurora build #963.

Changed Features

  • Removed the VIM icon from the toolbar. This was only used to display status messages. Now display status messages in the IDEA status bar.

Bug Unfixes

  • Removed, again, support for :w related ex commands

0.6.0 from 0.4.1

Support for Aurora build #939. It may work with slightly older versions too. This version will not work with IDEA 3.x. For IDEA 3.x you must use IdeaVim versions prior to 0.6.0.

Bug Fixes

  • Put back file saving for the :w related ex commands

0.4.1 from 0.4.0

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed vim.xml for Windows. This file was getting deleted by Idea on Windows due to a mismatch in the case of the name.
  • The O command now properly indents the new line.
  • Fixed Null Pointer Exception when editing file templates.

Temporary Work-arounds

  • Disabled the saving of files when using any of the :w related commands until a fix can be found for the dead-lock bug. ZZ and ZQ still save files.

0.4.0 from 0.3.2

New Features

  • A VIM tool window has been added. This is used to show the current mode (if :set showmode is set) and any messages normally shown on the last line in VIM. To make this useful you should do the following:
    • Show the VIM tool window.
    • Make the VIM tool window docked.
    • Turn off auto-hide for the VIM tool window.
    • Shrink the tool window so just the window title is visible.
    • Do not move the VIM tool window to the left or right - leave on the bottom or top.
  • Various error messages are now displayed in the new status bar.
  • Added support for : register
  • Added support for / register

New Commands

  • Added support for q{register} command - macro recording.
  • Added support for @{register} and @@ commands - playback register contents.
  • Added support for :@{register}, :@@, and :@: - run register as command or repeat last :@ command.

New :set Options

  • showmode is now supported.

Bug Fixes

  • Hitting escape while entering a search string resulted in a search for the previous search string instead of doing nothing.
  • The :registers command didn't display trailing newlines in a register
  • Fixed focus problem if user hits escape in the find dialog after entering the :find command.
  • All the search and substitute commands acted strangely if the text contained real tab characters. Tabs are now properly handled.
  • gd and gD weren't working in read-only files.

0.3.2 from 0.3.1

New Commands

  • Added support for {visual}!{filter}, !{motion}{filter}, and !!{filter}.
  • Added support for [p, ]p, [P, ]P - put text but do not autoindent. Note - This plugin's support for putting text with or without proper indenting is reversed from VIM.

New Features

  • Entering a count before the v or V command to start Visual mode is now supported.
  • Repeating Visual commands is now supported.

Bug Fixes

  • Now properly handle :0, :1, and : commands
  • More problems with Visual mode - none of the visual change commands left you in insert mode after deleting the text and undo wouldn't put the text back.
  • Fixed the handling of undo/redo with regard to text added to a file while not in insert mode. This can happen with the use of the Generate... menu for adding constructors, getters, etc. This also can happen when IDEA adds an import statement automatically. This also allows you to undo import optimizations!
  • Doing a cw or cW when the cursor is already on the end of a word/WORD now correctly deletes only the last character of the word/WORD and not the next word too.
  • gd and gD now properly save the jump location before moving to the declaration.
  • z, z-, and z. now move the cursor to the start of the line.
  • Visual mode is now exited after issuing the = or gq command.
  • The commands c% and d% where not removing the closing match as expected.
  • The d{motion} command now becomes linewise when the motion covers more than one line and there is just whitespace before the start and after the end.
  • Renamed some source files to avoid problems on case insensitive platforms.
  • Entering a count for the . (repeat) command sometimes results in an internal error.
  • Repeating an R command resulted in the text being inserted instead of overwriting old text. This now works properly.
  • Issuing a p command when on the last line of a file pasted the line before the last line instead of after the last line.

0.3.1 from 0.3.0

New Commands

  • Added support for [w, ]w, [b, and ]b. These move the cursor forward to start of next camel word, forward to end of next camel word, backward to start of previous camel word, and backward to end of previous camel word respectively. These are NOT in VIM but are very useful when working with mixed case method and variable names. Like their normal w, e, b, and ge counterparts, these may be used as operators for the c and d commands.
  • :qall, :quitall, :wqall, and :xall - closes all editors.
  • :wall - same as :write - save all files.
  • :xit and :exit - same :wq - save files and close current editor.
  • :close and :hide - same as :quit - close current editor.
  • :only - Close all editors except the current editor.
  • :display - same as :registers - display register contents.
  • :undo - same as u - undo last change.
  • :redo - same as Ctrl-R - redo last undone change.
  • :wnext - save files and move to next editor.
  • :wNext and :wprevious - save files and move to previous editor.

Changed Commands

  • ZZ, ZQ, :q and :wq will not exit IDEA anymore

Bug Fixes

  • Visual mode became unusable without doing a Ctrl-\ Ctrl-n command after each visual mode command. This unstable mode also caused undo to work improperly resulting in garbled text.
  • Ex commands that take a count instead of a range (:next, :Next, etc.) were getting the current line number as the count instead of one.
  • The == command can now be repeated with the . command.
  • Backslashes () in the replace text of a :substitute command was not being handled correctly in all cases.

0.3.0 from 0.2.0

Redone Commands

  • / and ? and all their variants are now supported properly, including offsets.
  • n and N are now supported properly
  • Ex command ranges now fully support searches
  • :substitute command now fully supports all Vim style search and replaces

New Commands

  • Added support for :set. Only a small number of options are supported.
  • Load .vimrc or _vimrc from user's home directory. Only set commands are honored.
  • Added support for , #, g, and g# - search for word under cursor.

Supported Set Options

  • gdefault - Indicates of the global flag in on by default for the :substitute command.
  • ignorecase - The default case sensitivity for searchs and substitutes.
  • matchpairs - Specify the character pairs used by the % command
  • more - Indicates whether 'more' is used or not for display windows
  • scroll - Specifies the number of lines scrolled by the Ctrl-D and Ctrl-U commands. Set to zero for half page.
  • selection - Specifies how the cursor can be moved at the ends of lines in Visual mode. It also controls whether the Visual mode selection is inclusive or exclusive.
  • smartcase - Overrides ignorecase if set and pattern has uppercase characters.
  • undolevels - Set to 0 for Vi style undo (1 level). Set to other number to specify how many levels of undo are supported per editor.
  • visualbell - controls whether the plugin beeps or not.
  • wrapscan - Determines is searches wrap around the start or end of the file.

0.2.0 from 0.1.1

New Commands

  • Added support for Ctrl-U while in insert mode
  • Added support for 0 Ctrl-D to remove all indent in current line
  • Added support for F1 while in insert - exit insert and bring up help topics
  • Added support for F1 while in normal mode - bring up help topics
  • Added support for :promptfind - Brings up Search Dialog
  • Added support for :promptrepl - Brings up Search/Replace Dialog
  • Added real support for :substitute - search and replace
  • Added support for :& - search and replace
  • Added support for :~ - search and replace
  • Added support for @: - repeat last Ex command
  • Added support for :{range}!{filter} [arg] command - filter text
  • Added support for :{range}!! command - repeat filter
  • Added support for :marks - display marks
  • Added support for :registers - display registers

Bug Fixes

  • Using the '%' range in Ex commands ignored the first line
  • Selecting a register for a command after using Ctrl-O in insert mode sent the user back to insert mode before they could enter the command.
  • Many commands caused exceptions if the current file is empty.
  • Let mouse clicks move cursor to end-of-line while in Insert or Replace mode.

Keymappings - Install new plugin.xml or manually add keymapping

  • F1

0.1.1 from 0.1.0

  • Fixed text of README file (NAME and VERSION weren't properly substituted)
  • Fixed issue with pressing Enter when entering an Ex command (no more beep or IDEA error message)
  • Fixed issue with pressing Backspace in the Ex command entry window when there are no characters. The beep is gone and the command entry is properly exited.