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import os
import json
raw_data = open('1000.json').read()
data = json.loads(raw_data)['results']
#add subject field to data
for item in data:
item['subject'] = ''
subjectList = ['english', 'mathematics', 'chemistry', 'psychology', 'sociology', 'biology', 'physics', 'religion', 'philosophy', 'journalism', 'french', 'literature', 'astronomy', 'pe ', 'music', 'anthropology', 'spanish', 'political science', 'microeconomics', 'macroeconomics', 'computer science', 'economics', 'math ', 'latin', 'geology', 'history', 'physical education', 'film studies', 'mythology', 'public relations', 'greek', 'hist ']
for item in data:
if item['text'] is not None:
# print item['text'][:30]
item['text'] = item['text'].strip()
for subject in subjectList:
if subject in item['text'][:140].lower():
# print('adding '+subject+' to item!')
item['subject'] = subject
if 'eng' in item['filename'].lower():
item['subject'] = 'english'
if 'math' in item['filename'].lower():
item['subject'] = 'mathematics'
unknowns = []
for item in data:
#handle aliases
if item['subject'] == 'literature':
item['subject'] = 'english'
if item['subject'] == 'math ':
item['subject'] = 'mathematics'
if item['subject'] == 'pe ':
item['subject'] = 'physical education'
if item['subject'] == 'hist ':
item['subject'] = 'history'
if item['subject'] == 'macroeconomics' or item['subject'] == 'microeconomics':
item['subject'] = 'economics'
if item['subject'] == '':
data.remove(item) #remove all unknowns
#for unknown in unknowns[:100]:
#if unknown['text'] is not None:
#print unknown['text'][:60]
print "number of unknowns: "+str(len(unknowns))
def get_all_subfolder_names(foldername):
subfolderList = [ x[1] for x in os.walk(foldername) ][0]
return subfolderList
def get_all_filenames_in_folder(folderName):
""" walk the folder contents and get the names of the individual file names """
fileList = []
w = os.walk(folderName)
loc =
while w:
loc =
except Exception, E:
print E
return fileList[0][2]
folderName = 'text-files'
newdata = []
## get all of the file names in the folder
subjects = get_all_subfolder_names(folderName)
for subj in subjects:
fullFolderName = folderName + "/" + subj
fileNames = get_all_filenames_in_folder(fullFolderName)
## some of the files are hidden and not what we want
## filter so that we only use .txt files
txtFiles = filter(lambda x: ".txt" in x, fileNames)
#print txtFiles
## now, move to that folder
currentFilePath = os.path.abspath(".")
os.chdir(currentFilePath + "/" + fullFolderName)
#standardize subjects
if subj == 'physical-education':
subj = 'physical education'
if subj == 'political-science':
subj = 'policial science'
if subj == 'math':
subj = 'mathematics'
for myFile in txtFiles:
f = open(myFile, 'r')
theText = "".join(f.readlines())
data.append({'subject':subj, 'filename':myFile, 'text':theText})
#print data[-5:]
subjects = []
for item in data:
if item['subject'] not in subjects:
print "Subjects: "
print subjects
print "Number of syllabi: "
print str(len(data))
with open('categorized-syllabi.json', 'w') as outfile:
json.dump(data, outfile)