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An application to automatically count cells using wavelet transformation
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This project aims to automatically count cells in given pictures. Its main use is the counting of cell cultures utilizing improved Neubauer counting chambers.

Usefull links:


  1. Click here to download VisualStudioCode
  2. Click here to download Git
  3. Click here to download .NET Core SDK AND .NET Framework Dev Pack
  4. Click here to download Build Tools for Visual Studio 2019 While installing check the boxes for: Under "Workload":
    • .NET Core build tools Under "Individual components":
    • NuGet targets and build tasks
    • NuGet package manager
    • .NET Framework 4.7 SDK
    • .NET Framework 4.7 targeting pack
    • F# compiler ...then install
  5. Restart your computer
  6. Install fake cli. Open command prompt(console) by searching in the windows search bar for "cmd" and type in the new window "dotnet tool install fake-cli -g" (without the quotation marks)
  7. Click here or scroll up to download either master or developer branch of this repository. Master branch should be a fully functionable variant, while the developer branch often has more features which are not fully tested yet. At this point i recommend downloading the developer branch, as it will be updated the most. Unzip the file in any folder, except the Desktop!
  8. Open command prompt(console) and navigate to the Folder (Copy path to this folder) with the build.cmd inside. (console command: cd PathToYourFolder)
  9. Console command: fake build
  10. Install Ionide in visual studio code: (open visual studio code -> Extensions -> type in Ionide-fsharp -> install)
  11. Thats finally it, you can now go and reference the CellCounter.dll for your use.

If you need any other information you can take a look at the F# Software Foundation

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