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Global tool to make installing .NET version that little bit easier
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.NET Install SDK Global Tool

Global tool to make installing .NET Core versions that little bit easier

To install globally:

$ dotnet tool install -g installsdkglobaltool

You can also find InstallSdkGlobalTool on NuGet here.


You can use this tool to download and install .NET Core SDK versions based on a variety of ways, these are:

Install based on global.json

  1. Navigate to a directory that contains a global.json file in your terminal.
  2. Run $ dotnet install-sdk

The .NET Core Install SDK global tool will then download and launch the installer for the version of the SDK dictated by the global.json file.

Install latest .NET Core SDK Preview

  1. Run $ dotnet install-sdk --latest-preview from any directory

The .NET core Install SDK global tool will then download and lauch the installer for the latest preview of the .NET Core SDK.


Big thanks to @stuartblang who contributed loads to this.

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