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Simple Multi BruteForce by KANG-NEWBIE
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Simple Multi BruteForce by KANG-NEWBIE

  • Executable File

    Download Executable File
    "Executable file dapat dijalankan tanpa menginstall python. Tapi file ini masih memerlukan terminal untuk menjalankannya"
    "Executable files can be run without installing Python. but this file still requires a terminal to run it"

    Linux/Termux user Download Here
    Windows user Download Here

    How to use:

    First decompress the executable file and then type this
    On Windows:

    start embf.exe

    On Linux/Termux:



  • v.2.6
    Fix bugs (again-_-)
  • v.2.5
    Fix bugs login cookies
  • v.2.4
    Optimized and fix mirror bug
  • v.2.3
    Optimezed simple multi bruteforce
  • v.2.2
    Fix mirror bugs
  • v.2.1
    Add Target comments v2 (module no 12)
    Add Auto UNTAG
    Add Download all image from messages
    Bug fixed
  • v.2.0
    Add Auto deleted all messages
    Optimize module Abrute,Mreport, and Tkomen (2,18,and 12)
  • v.1.9
  • v.1.8
    Add Auto multi bruteforce
    Add Auto reset password
    Optimize Update module and Dump email module
  • v.1.7
    Optimize Friend requests
    Optimize Delete Friends
    Add Leave all Groups
  • v.1.6
    Optimize Dump id group
    removed Bruteforce Email
    Add Deleted post
    Add Checker accounts
  • v.1.5
    Add Check apps and optimize for windows7
  • v.1.4
    Add Dump id with search name
  • v.1.3
    Optimize module number 4,11,and 14
  • v.1.2
    Optimize module number 14
  • v.1.1
    Optimize module number 1,2,3,5 and 6
  • v.1.0
    Add facebook dump mail and simple multi bruteforce EMAIL


installation for windows:
Download python3
Download git
Now type this command in your cmd:

git clone
cd s-mbf
python -m pip install -r req.txt

installation for termux or linux:

apt update && apt upgrade
apt-get install python
apt-get install git
git clone
cd s-mbf
python -m pip install -r req.txt


Check my other repository here
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