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Mashnet-node implementation
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KILT mashnet-node (previously prototype-chain)

Substrate node implementation for the KILT prototype

Table of Contents

How to use TLDR

Start chain and connect to alice bootnode:

docker run -p 9944:9944 kiltprotocol/mashnet-node ./ --connect-to alice

Start dev chain for local development

docker run -p 9944:9944 kiltprotocol/mashnet-node ./target/debug/node --dev --ws-port 9944 --ws-external --rpc-external

How to use

To start a node, you need to build the code, or use an existing image and decide for a command to execute.

Building / Images

To build the code, or get a prebuilt image, you have these options:

  • Docker image from dockerhub
  • Building the docker image yourself
  • Building the code without docker


To get the image from dockerhub execute following command:

docker pull kiltprotocol/mashnet-node

and run the node by executing:

docker run -p 9944:9944 kiltprotocol/mashnet-node [node command]

Building docker image

Clone this repo and navigate into it.

Build docker image:

docker build -t local/mashnet-node .

start, by running:

docker run -p 9944:9944 local/mashnet-node [node command]

Build code without docker

You need to have rust and cargo installed and configured properly.

You can build it by executing these commands:

cargo build

For execution see the section about commands.


To start the node you have following options:

  • helper script
  • executing the node binary directly

Helper script

We include a helper script, which sets up the arguments used for the node binary.

Use it by executing:

./ --help

This can be used in all building strategies:

docker run -p 9944:9944 kiltprotocol/mashnet-node ./ --connect-to alice


docker run -p 9944:9944 local/mashnet-node ./ --connect-to alice

or if you build it without docker:

./ --connect-to alice

Node binary

The node binary, which gets build lies in the directory

./target/debug/node [arguments]

If you want to start a local dev-chain you can execute:

./target/debug/node --dev

If you are using a docker image, run:

docker run -p 9944:9944 kiltprotocol/mashnet-node ./target/debug/node --dev --ws-port 9944 --ws-external --rpc-external


Running a local node that connects to KILT prototype testnet in AWS

There are master boot nodes running in the KILT testnet:

  • Alice (
  • Bob (

To start a node and connect to alice you can use the shell script

./ --connect-to alice

If you want to connect to this node via RPC, add the --rpc flag:

./ --connect-to alice --rpc

Run ./ --help for more information.

Running a node with local image, which runs a dev-chain

build docker image (only do if code has changed, takes ~15 min)

docker build -t dev/mashnet-node .

run chain in dev mode locally

docker run -p 9944:9944 dev/mashnet-node ./target/debug/node --dev --ws-port 9944 --ws-external --rpc-external

Development with AWS images

Make sure to have the awscli installed. Otherwise Install it via brew install awscli (Mac). You also need to have your docker daemon system running (on mac, just download and install the docker application).

  1. Login to Amazon ECR
 $(aws ecr get-login --no-include-email --region eu-central-1)
  1. Pull the latest image from Amazon ECR
docker pull
  1. Run node

To run a node and connect it to the KILT testnet: Run the image and pass the command to start a node:

docker run ./ --connect-to alice

The node should be connected to the KILT testnet.

Updating with latest substrate-node-template

The command substrate-node-new, described in downloads a node-template, which this repo bases on. We just added our modules to the runtime.

To update it, a stable template can be copied from Just copy the contents of substrate-node-template and add our changes on top.

If the mentioned repo of shawntabrizi isn't updated anymore, the substrate-node-new command can still be used to get a fresh node-template. It might need some changes to work, though.

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