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Sacred Forest: a dark low-contrast semi-minimal colorscheme for vim text editor
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Sacred Forest colorscheme for vim



screenshot-r screenshot-diff

In addition you can inspect this theme at vivify:


Install manually or with your favorite plug-in manager and then load the theme.

With vim-plug:

Plug 'KKPMW/sacredforest-vim'
colorscheme sacredforest

To make the colorscheme work as intended either set termguicolors:

set termguicolors

Or alternatively change your terminal colors to match these:

color 0  3c4c55 # Black
color 1  db6c6c # Red
color 2  8eaf6b # Green
color 3  ffbf00 # Yellow
color 4  3ba2cc # Blue
color 5  907eb5 # Purple
color 6  c5d4dd # Cyan
color 7  ffebc3 # White
color 8  4c5866 # Bright Black
color 9  f88379 # Bright Red
color 10 a8ce93 # Bright Green
color 11 ddd668 # Bright Yellow
color 12 7fc1ca # Bright Blue
color 13 ae8fc1 # Bright Purple
color 14 616c72 # Bright Cyan
color 15 b2a488 # Bright White


  1. @sainnhe (lightline support)

Users of lightline plugin can add the following to their vimrc:

let g:lightline = {
      \ 'colorscheme': 'sacredforest',
      \ }


  1. nova
  2. zenburn
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