A starting point for making an AngularJS app with node.js on the back end, using the Express Train framework.
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Angular Express Train Seed

This is a starting point for making AngularJS web applications with a node.js back end. Here are some of the features:

  • organized directories for both server side and client side
  • basic user authentication using 401 responses from server
  • data persistence using mongoose

Check out the demo site here: http://angular-express-train-seed.herokuapp.com/

Order you should learn this stuff, if you don't know it already:

  1. AngularJS (http://angularjs.org/)
  2. Node.js (http://nodejs.org/)
  3. Express (http://expressjs.com/)
  4. Express Train (https://npmjs.org/package/express-train)

Since this app is using express train, start it by using the command 'train run'.
You may need to install express train globally ('npm install -g express-train').