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Sitecore Install Framework (SUG CPH March 2018)

This is a collection of scripts and documents that will be used to guide the Sitecore User Group in Copenhagen (March 2018).

If there are questions on guidance of using SIF during the user group, I will try to provide examples here.

Feel free to use the scripts as you need.


Getting Started

To prepare for the user group, read the prerequisites and gather the assets required for installing sitecore. You can also use the environment scripts to get up and running quicker.

Environment Setup Scripts

The Environment folder contains scripts to help prepare an environment for installation.

Gather the Sitecore assets for install

After completing the prerequisites you'll need to download Sitecore to install.

Download the On Premise packages for XP Scaled and extract the contents.

If you're planning on following along with this repo:

  1. Copy all * files into <repo>/Packages
  2. Open the XP1 Configuration files.. zip and copy contents to <repo>/Configs
  3. Get your license file and place in the root of the repo.

License - MIT