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a8b4dc9 Jul 15, 2015
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**##** *#* TO DO LIST *#* **##**
This small list will be the central place where I will list ideas and
things I want to happen with screenFetch.
Obvious Things:
1) Add any and all suggested WMs.
2) More distros! Suggest them and I'll add them. Or I'll add them as I find them.
Other Things:
1) Better GTK3 detection. Fix for gsettings stuff.
2) Better -c. Support setting of all available colors in an ascii logo.
3) Centralized color setting. c{1,2,3,etc} and lablecolors all set in one place.
4) Better disk detection. Fix problems with it.
5) Cleanup detectuptime, detectcpu, *
6) Custom logos file. Source logos file with -C flag is present. -A will act normally
if -C is present as well.
That's about it for now. If you can help with any of these, please
please PLEASE let me know by emailing me at or by
stopping by SilverIRC on your favorite IRC client. The network can be
accessed by pointing your IRC client to #me0wz
is my home channel. If you don't have an IRC client, head on over to and that'll join
you to #randomz, where I can be reached as well.
Thank you for any help.
~KittyKatt (Brett Bohnenkamper)
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