Simple XSLT build system built on InputXSLT
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... is a simple XSLT build system built on InputXSLT.

Current features:

  • processing tasks contained within XML Makefiles
  • generating single transformations
  • generating chained transformations
  • using files or embedded XML-trees as transformation input
  • using external modules such as StaticXSLT


BuildXSLT can for example be used to build a static website using the following XML Makefile called via ixslt --input make.xml --transformation build.xsl --include ../StaticXSLT:

<task type="module">
	<input mode="embedded">
	<definition mode="file">[StaticXSLT.xml]</definition>

Where the module definition of StaticXSLT.xml looks as follows:

<transformation mode="chain">