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Kodular Docs

The documentation source for Kodular lives is here.

The documentation rendered using MkDocs. This uses the Material theme for MkDocs.

Setting up

  1. Make sure you have Python and virtualenv installed on your system.

  2. Create a virtualenv

virtualenv kodular-docs-venv
  1. Activate your virtualenv:
  • On Linux : source kodular-docs-venv/bin/activate
  • On Windows : source kodular-docs-venv/Scripts/activate
  1. Install the dependencies using pip:
pip install -r requirements.txt
  1. You can preview the docs locally using the command:
mkdocs serve

If you run into this error,

  MkDocs encountered as error parsing the configuration file: while constructing a Python object
  cannot find module 'macros.blocks_macros' (No module named 'macros.blocks_macros')
  in "/media/ghostfox/NewVolume1/documentation/mkdocs.yml", line 83, column 11

then make sure that the root directory of the repo is present in the PYTHONPATH $ export PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH:$PWD (replace $PWD with the root directory of the repo)