🦍 Source code for docs.konghq.com website


KONG Website

This repository is the source code for Kong's website. It is a Jekyll website hosted on GitHub pages.

Develop Locally With Docker

make develop

Develop Locally Without Docker



gem install bundler
npm install


npm start


This will deploy to GitHub pages:

npm run deploy


We are using Algolia docsearch for our CE documentation search. The algolia index is maintained by Algolia through their docsearch service. Their scraper runs every 24 hours. The config used by the scraper is open source for docs.konghq.com and can be found here. To update the scraper config, you can submit a pull request to the config. To test a config change locally, you will need to run their open source scraper against your own scraper to test out config changes.

Generating the Plugin Development Kit documentation

  • Have a local clone of Kong
  • Install Luarocks (comes with Kong)
  • Install ldoc using Luarocks: luarocks install ldoc 1.4.6
  • In the Kong repository, checkout the desired branch/tag/release
  • Run: KONG_PATH=path/to/your/kong/folder KONG_VERSION=0.14.x gulp pdk-docs
  • This command will attempt to:
    • Obtain an updated list of modules from your local PDK and put it inside your nav file
    • Generate documentation for all the modules in your PDK (where possible) and put in a folder inside your version docs

Listing Your Extension in the Kong Hub

We encourage developers to list their Kong plugins and integrations (which we refer to collectively as "extensions") in the Kong Hub, with documentation hosted on the Kong website for ready access.

See CONTRIBUTING for more information.