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Local delegated properties

  • Type: Design proposal
  • Author: Michael Bogdanov
  • Contributors: Dotlin, Michael Bogdanov
  • Status: Accepted
  • Prototype: Implemented in Kotlin 1.1


Discussion of this proposal is held in this issue.


Support delegated properties for local scopes (local delegated properties).


Allow to use delegates for local variables similar to general delegated properties:

import kotlin.reflect.KProperty

class Delegate {
    operator fun getValue(t: Any?, p: KProperty<*>): Int = 1

fun box(): String {
    val prop: Int by Delegate()
    return if (prop == 1) "OK" else "fail"

Open questions

  • How property metadata should be linked to local delegated properties: statically or dynamically?
fun test() {
    val prop: Int by Delegate() //Is property metadata created on each invocation of 'test' function or just once?

fun test2(){
    for (i in 1..2) {
        val prop: Int by Delegate() //Is 'prop' metadata same on each loop iteration?
  • Should property metadata be changed upon function inlining?
inline fun test() {
    val prop: Int by Delegate() //Is metadata for prop variable same or not after inlining into 'main' function?

fun main(args: Array<String>) {