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Kotlin Language Interactive Shell Maven Central

The shell is an extensible implementation of Kotlin REPL with reach set of features including:

  • Syntax highlight
  • Type inference command
  • Downloading dependencies in runtime using Maven coordinates
  • List declared symbols


The project is the former Sparklin shell migrated to the new Kotlin scripting and REPL infrastructure and converted to a generic Kotlin Language Interactive Shell.

The Apache Spark adaptation of it is located in a separate repository.

The previous version of the Sparklin is accessible in the sparklin branch.

Installation and Usage


You can download archive from Maven Central:

  1. Go to Releases page
  2. Download desired version there
  3. Unpack it to desired place
  4. Launch bin/ for Linux/Mac or bin\ki.bat for Windows

Arch Linux

On Arch Linux, there's an AUR package available. After installation, you can run the shell through ki.


Install with Homebrew with the following command:

brew install ki

Build From Source

To build from source use:

git clone
cd kotlin-interactive-shell
mvn -DskipTests package

It may be useful to build the project with a specific version of Kotlin. To do so use:

mvn -Dkotlin.version=1.4.10 -DskipTests package

To start the shell, run bin/ on Linux and macOS. On Windows, use bin\ki.bat instead.