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Fixes the R8 ServiceLoader optimization that broke in the R8
bundled in the new AGP. For details, see
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# When editing this file, update the following files as well:
# ServiceLoader support
-keepnames class kotlinx.coroutines.internal.MainDispatcherFactory {}
-keepnames class kotlinx.coroutines.CoroutineExceptionHandler {}
# Most of volatile fields are updated with AFU and should not be mangled
-keepclassmembers class kotlinx.coroutines.** {
volatile <fields>;
# Same story for the standard library's SafeContinuation that also uses AtomicReferenceFieldUpdater
-keepclassmembers class kotlin.coroutines.SafeContinuation {
volatile <fields>;
# These classes are only required by kotlinx.coroutines.debug.AgentPremain, which is only loaded when
# kotlinx-coroutines-core is used as a Java agent, so these are not needed in contexts where ProGuard is used.
-dontwarn java.lang.instrument.ClassFileTransformer
-dontwarn sun.misc.SignalHandler
-dontwarn java.lang.instrument.Instrumentation
-dontwarn sun.misc.Signal