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Avoid infinite loops when rendering columns

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liZe committed Sep 5, 2019
1 parent cf7bff7 commit 87d9e84f285654db3bc25e7c96a542fbed79a216
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@@ -183,7 +183,12 @@ def create_column_box(children):
# example when the next box can't be separated from its own
# next box. In this case we don't try to find the real value
# and let the workaround below fix this for us.
if next_box_size - empty_space > 0:
# We also want to avoid very small values that may have been
# introduced by rounding errors. As the workaround below at
# least adds 1 pixel for each loop, we can ignore lost spaces
# lower than 1px.
if next_box_size - empty_space > 1:
lost_space = min(lost_space, next_box_size - empty_space)

# Stop if we already rendered the whole content

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