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import itertools
from lib.wordList import words
import time
import sys
maxLen = input("What is the maximum number of words that you would like in the string? ")
printFile = 'a'
password = 'a'
while (printFile != 'y') and (printFile != 'n'):
printFile = raw_input("Print a wordlist to file? (y/n) ")
if printFile == 'n':
password = raw_input("Enter an XKCD 936 compliant password to match: ")
start = time.time()
for l in range(1,maxLen+1):
combo = itertools.permutations(words, l)
for i in combo:
if printFile == 'y':
file = open('phraselist.txt', 'a')
word = "".join(i)
if password == word:
print "The password \""+ word +"\" was found. Elapsed time: "+ str(time.time() - start)