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Todoist Linux

The app is just an Electron wrapper on Todoist's web version.


Currently only RPM and DEB packages available for x64 arch.

You can download the package on releases page or you always can get latest build as:


  • Ctrl+Alt+a - quick add a task
  • Ctrl+Alt+t - show or hide the app window
  • Ctrl+Alt+r - refresh content on the page
  • All other Todoist's shortcuts exists from inside the app window

Global shortcuts are configurable via $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/.todoist-linux.json file (which is ~/.config by default). The file is simple JSON with descriptive keys and values that represends shortcuts. Use this page from Electron docs to get more understanding on possible modifiers (keys) you can use.


The main reason is I don't like to have web version opened since I can't easily alt+tab to it.

And I also really wanted to have global shortcuts to quick add a task.

The initial inspiration I got from this brilliant package of the same web version. Unfortunately it doesn't seem maintained at the moment and has some issues with Tray functionality on latest Ubuntu.


The build process is very simple:

  • run npm install in root folder
  • run npm install in src folder

That's all. Now to run the app you can use make up command (in root folder) or npm start (in src directory).

There is also make build-all target. Check it out if you're interesting in building DEB or RPM package.

No rules for contributing. Just sent a pull request.