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import os
import json
import requests
import argparse
from tld import get_fld
CONFIGURATION_FILE = os.path.expanduser('~/') + '.cloudflare-ddns'
CLOUDFLARE_ZONE_DNS_RECORDS_UPDATE_API = '{zone_id}/dns_records/{dns_record_id}' # PUT
# Backwards compatible with Python 2
input = raw_input
except NameError:
def load_arguments():
Arguments to the program.
:return: An objects with argument name properties
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
parser.add_argument('--configure', action='store_true', help='Interactively configure the account and domain for the DDNS updates')
parser.add_argument('--update-now', action='store_true', help='Update DNS records right now')
return parser.parse_args()
def load_configuration():
Loads the configuration file from disk.
:return: A dictionary that either has all keys 'domains', 'email', and 'api_key' read from the configuration file,
or an empty dictionary if there was an error reading the file.
# Attempt to parse configuration file
config = {}
for config_line in map(lambda text: text.replace('\n', ''), open(CONFIGURATION_FILE).readlines()):
if config_line.startswith('domains'):
config['domains'] = config_line[8:].split(',')
elif config_line.startswith('email'):
config['email'] = config_line[6:]
elif config_line.startswith('api_key'):
config['api_key'] = config_line[8:]
# Ensure all fields are present
if all([key in config for key in ['domains', 'email', 'api_key']]):
return config
print('Configuration file {config_file} is missing at least one of the following config parameters: domains, email, or api_key'.format(config_file=CONFIGURATION_FILE))
return {}
except IOError:
print('Configuration file {config_file} not found! Did you run cloudflare-ddns --configure?'.format(config_file=CONFIGURATION_FILE))
return {}
def initialize_configuration():
Initializes the configuration file via an interactive shell.
:return: None, but writes the data to CONFIGURATION_FILE
print('=============Configuring CloudFlare automatic DDNS update client=============')
print('You may rerun this at any time with cloudflare-ddns --configure')
print('Quit and cancel at any time with Ctrl-C')
email = input('Enter the email address associated with your CloudFlare account.\nExample:\nEmail: ')
api_key = input('Enter the API key associated with your CloudFlare account. You can find your API key at\nExample: 7d9dfl2fid74lsg50saa9j2dbqm67zn39v673\nCloudFlare API key: ')
domains = input('Enter the domains for which you would like to automatically update the DNS records, delimited by a single comma.\nExample:,\nComma-delimited domains: ')
print('Configuration file written to {config_file} successfully.'.format(config_file=CONFIGURATION_FILE))
with open(CONFIGURATION_FILE, 'w') as config_file:
config_file.write('email={email}\napi_key={api_key}\ndomains={domains}\n'.format(email=email, api_key=api_key, domains=domains))
def get_external_ip():
Get the external IP of the network the script where the script is being executed.
:return: A string representing the network's external IP address
return requests.get(EXTERNAL_IP_QUERY_API).json()['ip']
def update_dns(subdomain, auth, ip_address):
Updates the specified domain with the given IP address, given authentication parameters.
:param domain: String representing domain to update
:param auth: Dictionary of API authentication credentials
:param ip_address: IP address with which to update the A record
:return: None
# Extract the domain
domain = get_fld(subdomain, fix_protocol=True)
# Find the zone ID corresponding to the domain
zone_resp = requests.get(CLOUDFLARE_ZONE_QUERY_API, headers=auth)
if zone_resp.status_code != 200:
print('Authentication error: make sure your email and API key are correct. To set new values, run cloudflare-ddns --configure')
zone_names_to_ids = {zone['name']: zone['id'] for zone in zone_resp.json()['result']}
if domain not in zone_names_to_ids:
print('The domain {domain} doesn\'t appear to be one of your CloudFlare domains. We only found {domain_list}.'.format(domain=domain, domain_list=map(str, zone_names_to_ids.keys())))
zone_id = zone_names_to_ids[domain]
# Find the A DNS record ID for this zone
dns_records = requests.get(CLOUDFLARE_ZONE_DNS_RECORDS_QUERY_API.format(zone_id=zone_id), headers=auth, params={'type': 'A', 'name': subdomain}).json()['result']
if not dns_records:
print('We couldn\'t find an A record for the (sub)domain {subdomain}. Are you sure you\'ve created one?'.format(subdomain=subdomain))
dns_record_id = dns_records[0]['id']
existing_ip_address = dns_records[0]['content']
# Update the record as necessary
new_dns_record = dict(dns_records[0])
new_dns_record['content'] = ip_address
print('Updating the A record (ID {dns_record_id}) of (sub)domain {subdomain} (ID {zone_id}) to {ip_address}.'.format(dns_record_id=dns_record_id, zone_id=zone_id, subdomain=subdomain, ip_address=ip_address))
if existing_ip_address == ip_address:
print('DNS record is already up-to-date; taking no action')
update_resp = requests.put(
CLOUDFLARE_ZONE_DNS_RECORDS_UPDATE_API.format(zone_id=zone_id, dns_record_id=dns_record_id),
headers=dict(auth.items() + [('Content-Type', 'application/json')]),
if update_resp.json()['success']:
print('DNS record updated successfully!')
print('DNS record failed to update.\nCloudFlare returned the following errors: {errors}.\nCloudFlare returned the following messages: {messages}'.format(errors=update_resp.json()['errors'], messages=update_resp.json()['messages']))
def main():
Main program: either make the configuration file or update the DNS
args = load_arguments()
if args.configure:
elif args.update_now:
config = load_configuration()
if not config:
auth = {'X-Auth-Email': config['email'], 'X-Auth-Key': config['api_key']}
external_ip = get_external_ip()
for domain in config['domains']:
update_dns(domain, auth, external_ip)
print('No arguments passed; exiting.')
print('Try cloudflare-ddns --help.')
if __name__ == '__main__':