Wagtail integration for Oscar Commerce (or Oscar Commerce integration for Wagtail?)
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Django Oscar Wagtail

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This project integrates the Wagtail CMS with Django Oscar for eCommerce. It adds the following features:

  • each Oscar category page can now be managed by the Wagtail CMS
  • it is possible to add product lists to wagtail pages


Presuming you have installed Django-Oscar and Wagtail into your Django project.

First install django-oscar-wagtail via PIP:

pip install django-oscar-wagtail

And add oscar_wagtail to your settings as follows:

    # ... your other apps

Add the URLs to urls.py:

import oscar_wagtail.urls

urlpatterns += [
    url(r'^api/oscar_wagtail/', include(oscar_wagtail.urls, namespace='oscar_wagtail')),

Fork the catalogue app as described in the oscar documentation. Then instead of using the AbstractCategory from Oscar use the one from this project as follows:

from oscar_wagtail.abstract_models import AbstractCategory

class Category(AbstractCategory):

from oscar.apps.catalogue.models import *

If you want to have a CMS button in the Oscar dashboard, add the following to your settings:

    'label': 'CMS',
    'icon': 'icon-th-list',
    'url_name': 'wagtailadmin_home',
    'access_fn': lambda user, *args: user.has_perm('wagtailadmin.access_admin')