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Blast is a Minecraft Fabric mod that allows you to scratch that itch to blow everything up. It adds multiple throwable bombs and explosive blocks for different situations.


Blast bombs will drop all lootable blocks and do not destroy dropped items; these items however are submitted to the bomb shockwaves (meaning items can go flying if you throw multiple bombs into a single spot).

Standard Bombs


Naval Mines

Naval Mines are bombs that trigger on impact, can destroy blocks and will not sink when thrown underwater. Other than standard bombs the naval mine has an explosion power of 4.



Gunpowder Block

The Gunpowder Block is a compact way of storing gunpowder. When placed it is highly sensitive to explosions and fire and will explode allmost instantly when in contact with them. The explosion it creates is fiery and has a power of 4.



The Stripminer is triggered like TNT and focuses the explosion in one direction. It creates a 3x3+ wide tunnel and usually points the way the player is looking upon placing it down, this, however, is inverted while sneaking. When the stripminer is set off by other explosives the direction can get misaligned and the fuse time varies slightly.


Cold Digger

The Cold Digger is an upgrade to the Stripminer that keeps the functionality of creating a 3x3 wide tunnel but replaces additional blocks around it with Dry Ice and, in the case of lava, Basalt.


Dry Ice

Dry Ice is a kind of ice that does not melt or create water upon breaking. It emits particles and can be mined using silk touch.