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CircleCI Netlify tests by styled with prettier cms by Prismic deploys by netlify

My personal portfolio & blog. Built with Gatsby.js.

Available in German & English at


  • i18n (German & English)
  • Integration of nearly all Prismic features (slices, content relationships, single/repeatable type, labels)
  • Gatsby-Image (Responsive images) & PrismJS highlighting (using slices and labels)
  • Tags & Categories
  • Suggestions for further reading below project/blogpost
  • PWA
  • SEO (sitemap, data, OpenGraph & Twitter tags)
  • Husky + Lint-Staged

Tech Stack

  • Hosted on Netlify
  • as Headless CMS
  • styled-components for styling
  • ESLint & Prettier for linting
  • for E2E-testing
  • CircleCI


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