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Prepare feedme file from image for GalFit
Lejay Chen
version 0.1 2015.5.20
version 0.2 2015.5.27 (finished source selecting method)
version 0.2.1 2015.6.7 (corrected fitting box and other things)
from import fits
from create_feedme import *
from math import *
def get_size(FileName):#get the size of the image
img ='.g.fits')
x_max = img[0].header['NAXIS1']
y_max = img[0].header['NAXIS2']
return x_max,y_max
def find_obj(FileName,xc,yc):
catalog ='b'+FileName+'.fits')
data = catalog[1].data
#Find the object to be fitted
data_re = sorted(data, key=lambda x:x[6],reverse=True) #sort by effective radius
candidiate = data_re[:len(data)/2+1] #pick out 50% objects with larger radius
dis = [10000] * (len(data)/2+1)
for i in range(len(candidiate)):
x = candidiate[i][1]
y = candidiate[i][2]
dis[i] = sqrt((x-xc)**2+(y-yc)**2)
index = dis.index(min(dis)) #choose the one most close to the image center
##print index,len(data),len(candidiate)
return candidiate[index]
def main():
flist=open('files','r') #read file list
#batch processing
for FileName in flist.readlines():
FileName = FileName.rstrip()
x_max,y_max=get_size(FileName) # get Image Size
obj = find_obj(FileName,x_max/2,y_max/2) # get the interested object
create_feedme(obj,FileName,x_max,y_max) # create feedme file GalFit
print 'VCC'+FileName+' processed...'