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@Lexikos Lexikos released this Aug 29, 2021

Fixed loading of JPG/GIF files which are already open for reading.
Fixed misidentification of digits/xdigits by if-var-is.
Added a safety check for ControlGet Selected in case it is used with a non-Edit control.
Fixed variables being set to NULL in certain rare cases, causing crashes. The only confirmed case being when a string longer than 63 characters is returned from a function and assigned to a variable while AutoHotkey is running as a Windows store app.
Fixed InputHook callbacks failing after input is stopped and restarted.

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@Lexikos Lexikos released this May 8, 2021

Fixed crash on load when an AltTab action is used in a key-up/down pair.
Fixed garbage error text when the main script file cannot be opened.
Removed "Error at line 0" from error messages which appear before the first line is read.
Fixed focus resetting when a minimized GUI is restored.
Fixed focus not saving when a GUI is minimized with Gui Show.

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Apr 25, 2021

@Lexikos Lexikos released this Apr 23, 2021

Fixed non-zero SendLevel events erroneously being suppressed in cases not covered by the v1.1.33.07 fix:

  • When there's a matching context-sensitive hotkey with a higher #InputLevel and no enabled global variant.
  • When there's no matching key-down hotkey, but there's a key-up hotkey with a higher #InputLevel.
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