Hugo blog theme for speed demons.
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minimal theme
puts your content first

See a live example at my website,

Inspired by and gizak/nofancy.

Looking for a Hugo documentation theme with a similar focus on minimal functionality? Try plain-docs.



  • Pages load FAST FAST FAST. (First page overhead: ≈40 kB. Subsequent page overhead: ≈3 kB.)
  • Responsive - looks great on desktop or mobile.
  • High contrast - black text, on a white background, with blue links.
  • Minimal Javascript. Hardly cares if JS is disabled.
  • Supports your choice of taxonomies: categories, or tags, or series, or all three at once.
  • Google Analytics.
  • Top and bottom menus.
  • Printable - headers, footers, and menus disappear when you hit the "Print" button.
  • Example site available - config.toml and basic pages ready to go.

Things omitted

My goal is to load the first page in 50kB or less.

That means I've left out anything that wasn't needed. Some things I omitted include:

  • jQuery (30kB compressed)
  • highlight.js (100kB compressed) - use Pygments for server-side highlighting instead.
  • Web fonts (e.g. 200kB for Proxima Nova and Source Code Pro)
  • Icons, i.e. font-awesome (70 kB compressed)

Libraries used