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# if the macros are not defined, define them equal to 0
%{!?with_sailfish: %define with_sailfish 0}
%{!?with_harbour: %define with_harbour 0}
Summary: A flexible navigation system.
%if 0%{with_sailfish}
%define __provides_exclude_from ^%{_datadir}/.*$
%define __requires_exclude /bin/bash|/usr/bin/env|/bin/sh
Name: harbour-modrana
Release: 1
Name: modrana
Release: 1%{?dist}
# debug package generation seems to get confused on Fedora:
# "RPM build error: empty _percent_ files file debugfiles.list"
# Maybe it's the Qt5/C++ launcher or switch to arch build ?
# Let's disable it for now.
%global debug_package %{nil}
Version: 0.57.3
Source0: modrana-%{version}.tar.gz
License: GPLv3+
Group: Applications/Productivity
BuildRoot: %{_tmppath}/modrana-%{version}-%{release}-root-%(%{__id_u} -n)
BuildRequires: make
BuildRequires: python3-devel
BuildRequires: rsync
BuildRequires: qt5-qtdeclarative-devel
%if 0%{with_sailfish}
BuildRequires: qt5-qmake
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(Qt5Core)
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(Qt5Gui)
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(Qt5Qml)
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(Qt5Quick)
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(sailfishapp)
Requires: sailfishsilica-qt5
Requires: mapplauncherd-booster-silica-qt5
Requires: pyotherside-qml-plugin-python3-qt5
Requires: qt5-qtdeclarative-import-positioning
Requires: qt5-qtpositioning
Requires: qt5-qtquickcontrols-layouts
# require pathfix so that we can still ship some scripts
# with "universal" shebangs that run on both Python 2 & 3
BuildRequires: /usr/bin/
Requires: pyotherside
Requires: qt5-qtlocation
# qmlscene is in the qt5-qtdeclarative package
Requires: qt5-qtdeclarative-devel
Requires: qt5-qtquickcontrols2
Requires: qt5-qtsensors
# pygtk2 is needed for the GTK GUI
Requires: pygtk2
ModRana is a flexible navigation system for mobile linux devices.
* support for many map layers
* POI manager
* turn-by-turn navigation with voice directions
* online amenity, Wikipedia & address search
* GPX tracklog support - both creating & visualisation
* quick, elegant and touch friendly interface
* pinch zoom support (where supported)
* global landscape and portrait support
* efficient sqlite-based tile storage
* easily configurable
* powerful command-line interface
See the project homepage at for more information.
%setup -q -n modrana-%{version}
# start by populating the input directory
# with an initial set of files and folders
# then in the next step, based on the build environment,
# we filter the files that will actually reach the package
%if 0%{with_sailfish}
%if 0%{with_harbour}
make rsync-harbour # run the more strinc rsync for a Harbour package
make rsync-sailfish # run rsync with a Sailfish OS specific filtering
make launcher-sailfish QMAKE=qmake # build Sailfish OS specific native launcher
make bytecode-python3 # modRana is Python 3 only on Sailfish OS
make rsync # run regular rsync
make launcher QMAKE=%{qmake_qt5} # build regular native launcher
# fix ambiguous shebangs for Fedora -pni "%{__python3} %{py3_shbang_opts}" .
# both the GTK (Python 2) and Qt 5 (Python 3) GUIs are available on Fedora
make bytecode-python2
make bytecode-python3
rm -rf %{buildroot}
%if 0%{with_sailfish}
make install-sailfish DESTDIR=%{buildroot}
make install DESTDIR=%{buildroot}
rm -rf %{buildroot}
%if ! 0%{with_sailfish}
/bin/touch --no-create %{_datadir}/icons/hicolor &>/dev/null || :
if [ $1 -eq 0 ] ; then
/bin/touch --no-create %{_datadir}/icons/hicolor &>/dev/null
/usr/bin/gtk-update-icon-cache %{_datadir}/icons/hicolor &>/dev/null || :
/usr/bin/gtk-update-icon-cache %{_datadir}/icons/hicolor &>/dev/null || :
%if 0%{with_sailfish}
%doc README.rst
%license COPYING.txt
* Sun Apr 19 2020 Martin Kolman <> - 0.57.3-1
- Use relative paths also in comments (martin.kolman)
* Sun Apr 19 2020 Martin Kolman <> - 0.57.2-1
- Remove absolute export paths from SVG files (martin.kolman)
* Sun Apr 19 2020 Martin Kolman <> - 0.57.1-1
* Wed Mar 27 2019 Martin Kolman <> - 0.56.17-1
- Include <QQuickItem> (martin.kolman)
* Wed Mar 27 2019 Martin Kolman <> - 0.56.16-1
- Fix type for root object on Sailfish OS (martin.kolman)
* Wed Mar 27 2019 Martin Kolman <> - 0.56.15-1
- Fix native launcher detections (martin.kolman)
* Tue Mar 19 2019 Martin Kolman <> - 0.56.14-1
- Fix install target for 172x172 icon (martin.kolman)
* Tue Mar 19 2019 Martin Kolman <> - 0.56.13-1
- Add a 172x172 pixel icon for modRana on Sailfish OS (martin.kolman)
* Tue Mar 19 2019 Martin Kolman <> - 0.56.12-1
- Fix hardware compatibility (martin.kolman)
* Tue Mar 19 2019 Martin Kolman <> - 0.56.11-1
- Fix QML & Python argv passing (martin.kolman)
* Tue Mar 19 2019 Martin Kolman <> - 0.56.10-1
- Handle native launchers in QML argv processing (martin.kolman)
* Tue Mar 19 2019 Martin Kolman <> - 0.56.9-1
- Replace sed-based hacks in main.qml (martin.kolman)
- Drop Sailfish OS specific QML source code mangling (martin.kolman)
- Prevent make from including its own log messages in RPM log (martin.kolman)
- Remove make related noise from spec file (martin.kolman)
* Fri Mar 15 2019 Martin Kolman <> - 0.56.8-1
- Fix ambiguous Python shebangs for Fedora (martin.kolman)
* Thu Mar 14 2019 Martin Kolman <> - 0.56.7-1
- Fix Sailfish OS launcher building condition (martin.kolman)
* Thu Mar 14 2019 Martin Kolman <> - 0.56.6-1
- Fix native launcher installation (martin.kolman)
- Remove extra / from launcher prefixes (martin.kolman)
* Thu Mar 14 2019 Martin Kolman <> - 0.56.5-1
- More tweaks to make the natvie launcher build on Sailfish OS (martin.kolman)
* Thu Mar 14 2019 Martin Kolman <> - 0.56.4-1
- Fix includes for Sailfish OS (martin.kolman)
- Fix spec file for Sailfish OS (martin.kolman)
* Thu Mar 14 2019 Martin Kolman <> - 0.56.3-1
- Fix prefix for native launcher (martin.kolman)
* Thu Mar 14 2019 Martin Kolman <> - 0.56.2-1
- Add a scratch target to the makefile (martin.kolman)
- Add support for building the launchers to Makefile and spec (martin.kolman)
- Set some reasonable install target for the launcher (martin.kolman)
- Add initial native launcher (martin.kolman)
* Tue Mar 05 2019 Martin Kolman <> - 0.56.1-1
* Thu Sep 06 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 0.55.20-1
- Improve UX for arbitrary POI creation (martin.kolman)
- Show marker for newly added POI (martin.kolman)
- Return index for newly created POI (martin.kolman)
- Improve the POI delete workflow (martin.kolman)
- Trigger a signal when POI database changes (martin.kolman)
- Tweak TwoOptionPage layout and button colors (martin.kolman)
- Make it possible to correctly set spacing between SmartGrid elements (martin.kolman)
- Add support for deleting stored POI (martin.kolman)
- Add support for removing individual visible POI markers (martin.kolman)
- Add the TwoOptionPage element (martin.kolman)
- Fix right margin missing with SmartGrid (martin.kolman)
- Remove the getMap() function (martin.kolman)
- Add POI marker and search marker handling to BaseMapPage API (martin.kolman)
- Add map layer handling to BaseMapPage API (martin.kolman)
- Don't ship Python 2.5 version of bundled Urllib 3 in Sailfish OS package (martin.kolman)
* Sun Jun 24 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 0.55.19-1
- Don't ship PNG icons in the Sailfish OS package (martin.kolman)
- Replace Bitcoin qrcode PNG with SVG (martin.kolman)
- Fix removel of QML tests from Silfish OS package (martin.kolman)
- Remove a redundant code for setting map layer (martin.kolman)
- Document BaseMapPage API functions (martin.kolman)
- Add tracklog handling to BaseMapPage API (martin.kolman)
- Rename current MapPage to PinchMapPage (martin.kolman)
- Move PinchMap.qml to the pinchmap folder (martin.kolman)
* Sun Jun 24 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 0.55.18-1
- Fix centering button toggle color (martin.kolman)
- Replace all PNG icons with SVG icons (martin.kolman)
- Use a new SVG icon for the clear action (martin.kolman)
- Set source width & height for themed icon (martin.kolman)
- Handle SVG icons files correctly in the image provider (martin.kolman)
- Make it possible to clear items from on top of the map (martin.kolman)
- Add functions for easy clearing of search result and POI markers (martin.kolman)
- Add a function for easy clearing of all displayed tracklogs (martin.kolman)
- Show distance on POI listing (martin.kolman)
* Sat Jun 16 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 0.55.17-1
- Fix marker button sizing (martin.kolman)
* Sat Jun 16 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 0.55.16-1
- Enable wrapping for donation header text (martin.kolman)
- Only ship compiled translation files (martin.kolman)
- Fix search-in-progress popup layout (martin.kolman)
- Use smaller font for the "unknown" string on the speed info page (martin.kolman)
- Add "Route here" action to point & POI detail pages (martin.kolman)
- Add a function for easy routing from current position to a point (martin.kolman)
- Fix POIPage (martin.kolman)
- Handle singular/plural for POI category counters (martin.kolman)
* Fri Jun 15 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 0.55.15-1
- Handle no/one/multiple tracklogs correctly (martin.kolman)
- Use responsive layout for map buttons with text (martin.kolman)
- Translation fixes (martin.kolman)
- Don't include QML unit tests in package files (martin.kolman)
* Wed Jun 13 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 0.55.14-1
- Unify speed stats rounding (martin.kolman)
* Wed Jun 13 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 0.55.13-1
- Only copy relevant translation files at build time (martin.kolman)
* Wed Jun 13 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 0.55.12-1
* Sat Jun 02 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 0.55.10-1
- Update canvas offset when pinchmap size changes (martin.kolman)
- Show distance to point on point detail pages (martin.kolman)
- Log OS release at startup when possible (martin.kolman)
- Fix a typo (martin.kolman)
* Fri May 25 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 0.55.9-1
- Use custom urlparse resolving (martin.kolman)
- Revert "Upgrade bundled six" (martin.kolman)
* Thu May 17 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 0.55.8-1
- Fix language list handling on Sailfish OS (martin.kolman)
- Fix six usage (martin.kolman)
- Upgrade bundled six (martin.kolman)
* Wed May 16 2018 Martin Kolman <> - 0.55.7-1
- Add Travis dependencies for TTS testing (martin.kolman)
- Add python3-six dependency for Travis testing (martin.kolman)
- Add documentation for point to point distance functions (martin.kolman)
- Refactor and improve the Way class (martin.kolman)
- Add the get_closest_lle() function (martin.kolman)
- Add the get_closest_point() functions (martin.kolman)
- Improved handling or way points in radians (martin.kolman)
- Make text cleanup function public (martin.kolman)
- Remove fixed delays from the voice unit test (martin.kolman)
- Test individual TTS engines if available (martin.kolman)
- Put the filename parameter last for flite (martin.kolman)
- Easy checking if TTS engines are available (martin.kolman)
- Fix modRana thread usage (martin.kolman)
- Change tempdir prefix (martin.kolman)
- Some more modRana adaptation for the voice module (martin.kolman)
- Log program calls (martin.kolman)
- Port tests for the voice module from WhoGo maps (martin.kolman)
- Fix indentation (martin.kolman)
- Add the voice module, originally from whogo-maps (martin.kolman)
- Refactor the way module (martin.kolman)
- Add the Travis CI badge to README.rst (martin.kolman)
- Fix test class name (martin.kolman)
- Unit test for TurnByTurnPoint (martin.kolman)
- PEP8 for the TurnByturnPoint (martin.kolman)
- Remove the obsolete pyroute and prender libraries (martin.kolman)
- Delete obsolete unused modRana modules (martin.kolman)
- Fix layer parsing test (martin.kolman)
- Clarify that connection_timeout is specified in seconds (martin.kolman)
- More testing improvements (martin.kolman)
- Add sudo to Travis install line (martin.kolman)
- Another try with nosetests (martin.kolman)
- Add Nose dependency for Travis (martin.kolman)
- Initial Travis CI support (martin.kolman)
- Merge pull request #235 from Olf0/master (martin.kolman)
- Bump map config file revision (martin.kolman)
- Merge pull request #236 from DerDakon/https-tiles (martin.kolman)
- switch many tileserver URLs to HTTPS (eike)
- Modrana minimal source strings adaption (#1) (Olf0)
* Tue Dec 19 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 0.55.6-1
- Bump QtQuick Controls dependency (martin.kolman)
- Add missing dependency on qt5-qtquickcontrols-layouts (martin.kolman)
- Update translations (martin.kolman)
- Further translation fixes (martin.kolman)
- kmh -> km/h (martin.kolman)
- Drop the getAboutText() method (martin.kolman)
- Update translations (martin.kolman)
- Make the "email" string translatable (martin.kolman)
- Improve the location info page (martin.kolman)
- Handle new QtPositioning values from the Python side (martin.kolman)
- Remove the sv_SE translation variant (martin.kolman)
- Make the "routing enabled" notification translatable (martin.kolman)
- Drop POI menu from list of unfinished features (martin.kolman)
- Make the clipboard notification translatable (martin.kolman)
* Thu Dec 07 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 0.55.5-1
- Dictionary based about page (martin.kolman)
- Include information about modRana in startup values (martin.kolman)
- Refactor the info module a bit (martin.kolman)
* Wed Dec 06 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 0.55.4-1
- List top level modRana modules explicitely (martin.kolman)
* Wed Dec 06 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 0.55.3-1
- Use the i18n module (martin.kolman)
- Get the i18n core module to a useable state (martin.kolman)
- Add support for mo file creation (martin.kolman)
- Make sure POI categories are translated via translation context magic (martin.kolman)
- Improve the structure of the debugging options menu (martin.kolman)
- Mark OptionMapPage ComboBox items for translation (martin.kolman)
- Add support for custom ComboBox translation context (martin.kolman)
- Mark strings for translation on TracksMenuPage (martin.kolman)
- Mark strings for translation on MapLayersPage (martin.kolman)
* Tue Dec 05 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 0.55.2-1
- Use explicit translation context in main.qml (martin.kolman)
- Do everything needed in the release target (martin.kolman)
- Include translations directory in the tarball (martin.kolman)
- Update translations (martin.kolman)
- Mark some more strings for translation (martin.kolman)
- Add translation context for combo box items (martin.kolman)
- Fix icon grid page translation (martin.kolman)
- Fix ComboBox localization (martin.kolman)
- Merge pull request #230 from eson57/patch-1 (martin.kolman)
- Create sv_SE.po (eson57)
- Create harbour-modrana-sv_SE.ts (eson57)
- Add link to Transifex projet to README (martin.kolman)
- Fix strings not marked for translation (martin.kolman)
- Translation update (martin.kolman)
- Add translation support (martin.kolman)
* Mon Nov 27 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 0.55.1-1
- Fix quoting in temporary espeak hack (martin.kolman)
- Make sure routing start & destination are always Waypoints (martin.kolman)
- A small formatting fix (martin.kolman)
- Tell requestRoute to include heading from start (martin.kolman)
- Enhance the requestRoute() function (martin.kolman)
- Use heading information with Valhalla when available (martin.kolman)
- Use Waypoints instead of Points (martin.kolman)
- Add the new Waypoint class (martin.kolman)
- Add a temporary hack for espeak voice output (martin.kolman)
- Draw a current step indicator during navigation (martin.kolman)
- Make the navigation overlay useful :) (martin.kolman)
- Add some missed signal triggers and remove a notification (martin.kolman)
- Include icon information in step description (martin.kolman)
- Add default navigation icon type (martin.kolman)
- Add navigation icons (martin.kolman)
- Use turn type for Valhalla routes (martin.kolman)
- Add supports for icons in turn-by-turn points (martin.kolman)
- Show the "navigation started" notification (martin.kolman)
- Add a navigation overlay element (martin.kolman)
- Better log output for missing espeak binary (martin.kolman)
- Don't crash if espeak is not available (martin.kolman)
- Python 3 compatibility fix (martin.kolman)
- Fix map button spacing (martin.kolman)
- Navigation & routing button positioning fixes (martin.kolman)
- Add initial navigation API for Qt 5 GUI (martin.kolman)
- Merge commit '203c19bccee3bec4158c1d5a4e776f7b97fd5dbb' (martin.kolman)
- Define map button size and spacing as a fraction of screen size (martin.kolman)
- Fix list views (martin.kolman)
- Fix the search field (martin.kolman)
- Cleanup the HeaderPage a bit (martin.kolman)
- Fix scrolling in flickable pages (martin.kolman)
- Drop fixes text size for Silica Popup (martin.kolman)
- Don't use the bottomPadding property (martin.kolman)
- Remove font size assignment for location info (martin.kolman)
- Refactor common functionality and main API to common map page base (martin.kolman)
- Don't define some properties to resolve a conflist with UC (martin.kolman)
- Move marker elements to the map_components folder (martin.kolman)
- Move the Tile element to the pinchmap folder (martin.kolman)
- Move the MapButton element to the map_components folder (martin.kolman)
- Merge commit '6147c9e67afa797e5c72b47e7bd2ea62f7d0c98f' (martin.kolman)
- Merge branch 'master-qt5_navigation_ui' (martin.kolman)
- Improve active page tracking (martin.kolman)
- Add a preliminary navigation overlay (martin.kolman)
- Refactor the scale bar to a separate element (martin.kolman)
- Hide compass and the clear button during navigation (martin.kolman)
- Add button for toggling navigation (martin.kolman)
- Add signals for important navigation events (martin.kolman)
- Fix comment formating (martin.kolman)
- Support mouse back button (martin.kolman)
- Add the BusyIndicator element (martin.kolman)
- Fix focus handling for stack pages (martin.kolman)
- Use SectionHeader for pages with options (martin.kolman)
- Add the SectionHeader element (martin.kolman)
- Add the SectionHeader element (martin.kolman)
- Translate item text (martin.kolman)
- Translate item text (martin.kolman)
- Provide backward compatibility aliases (martin.kolman)
- Provide backward compatibility aliases (martin.kolman)
- Adjust to some side effects of UC switching to Controls 2 for the Controls backend (martin.kolman)
- Set text role for Controls ComboBox (martin.kolman)
- Set text role for Controls ComboBox (martin.kolman)
- Merge commit '5b3297323c0be1ecc6b88c110a83b43ddecc74e9' (martin.kolman)
- Add scroll decorators/bars to PlatformListView by default (martin.kolman)
- Add the ScrollBar element (martin.kolman)
- Implement a working VerticalScrollDecorator for the Controls backend (martin.kolman)
- Use QtQuick Controls 2 as the Controls backend (martin.kolman)
- PEP8 also for data structures defined in (martin.kolman)
- PEP8 for functions in (martin.kolman)
- Add the pressed_override property for BackgroundRectangle (martin.kolman)
- Merge pull request #212 from rinigus/osmscout_routing_v2 (martin.kolman)
- cleanup: remove print (rinigus.git)
- Bump map_config.conf revision (martin.kolman)
- Merge pull request #211 from rinigus/car_basemap (martin.kolman)
- add support for OSM Scout Server routing V2, fixes #207 (rinigus.git)
- add osmscout car basemap (rinigus.git)
- Make it possible to search around points and POI (martin.kolman)
- Make it possible to do local search around arbitrary coordinates (martin.kolman)
- Fix platform detection for the Jolla Tablet (martin.kolman)
- Add support for showing locally stored POI on the map (martin.kolman)
- Reflect text field editing in the point instance (martin.kolman)
- Make sure to refresh the POI category listing on entry (martin.kolman)
- Make it possible to save arbitrary points from the map to the POI database (martin.kolman)
- Show latitude and longitude for point and POI details (martin.kolman)
- Fix file header (martin.kolman)
- Show latitude and longitude on a single line in the delegate (martin.kolman)
- Use more advanced components for POI text entry (martin.kolman)
- List POI from categories (martin.kolman)
- Add support for getting all POI from a category (martin.kolman)
- Also return description when getting all POI from a category (martin.kolman)
- Some naming tweaks (martin.kolman)
- Add initial support for locally saved POI (martin.kolman)
- Add initial helpers for working with POI (martin.kolman)
- Don't try to ut8-decode strings with Python 3 (martin.kolman)
- Add FadeAnimator (martin.kolman)
- Disable page background in modRana (martin.kolman)
- Don't override highlighted color (martin.kolman)
- Add QML element improvements from Tsubame (martin.kolman)
- Add universal svg icon for the menu button (martin.kolman)
- Merge commit 'b11a5a7684a06f8e9b60ec45efb7002a87c05131' (martin.kolman)
- Make it possible to disable the platform specific menu button (martin.kolman)
- Fix custom style reference (martin.kolman)
- Drop the SilicaGridView from tge Silica version of PageHeader (martin.kolman)
- Add a missing QtQuick import (martin.kolman)
- Update docs for the PageHeader element (martin.kolman)
- Add a missing QtQuick import (martin.kolman)
- Make it possible to set PageHeader text size in a multi-platform way (martin.kolman)
- Make it possible to override corner radius for BackgroundRectangle (martin.kolman)
- Improve the application window orientation API (martin.kolman)
- List Ubuntu Components as an experimental backend (martin.kolman)
- Fix bullet point formatting (martin.kolman)
- Merge commit '7c81795d2c27b96730c606b5c88ec880d18c5773' (martin.kolman)
* Tue Jul 04 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 0.54.8-1
- Fix nosetests runner (martin.kolman)
- Make map config parsing more robust (martin.kolman)
- Fix a typo in the map configuration file (martin.kolman)
- Fix search progress indicator (martin.kolman)
- Drop the "starting" prefix (martin.kolman)
- Use better variable name for the thread id (martin.kolman)
- Return thread name for synchronous search calls where applicable (martin.kolman)
- Tweaks for OSM Scout Server local search (martin.kolman)
- Fix OSM Scout Server local search provider (martin.kolman)
- Show POI search result details when POI marker is clicked (martin.kolman)
- Make it possible to assign properties when dynamically loading QML files (martin.kolman)
- Add MapTextButton (martin.kolman)
- Use the POIMarkers element to display POI search results (martin.kolman)
- Remove the marker simplification logic from the Marker element (martin.kolman)
- Make it possible to also show the bubble from the right from a marker (martin.kolman)
- Add initial POIMarkers element (martin.kolman)
- Account for DPI scaling for point menu bubble margin (martin.kolman)
* Thu Jun 29 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 0.54.7-1
- Document that -1 disables the connection timeout for a layer (martin.kolman)
- Make it possible to set per-layer connection timeout (martin.kolman)
- Turn getters and setters to properties (martin.kolman)
- Fix turn by turn worker thread startup (martin.kolman)
- Categorize thread name constants a bit (martin.kolman)
- Refactor the turn-by-turn module (martin.kolman)
* Wed Mar 29 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 0.54.6-1
- Fix Monav Server based routing (martin.kolman)
- Add fallback for json import (martin.kolman)
- Handle unneeded import in protobuf code (martin.kolman)
- Display correct routing providers in GTK GUI options (martin.kolman)
- Support multiple offline routing providers per platform (martin.kolman)
- Add a list of supported online routing providers (martin.kolman)
- Add a list of offline routing providers (martin.kolman)
* Sat Mar 25 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 0.54.5-1
- Add a release target to makefile (martin.kolman)
- Fix a typo (martin.kolman)
- Make it possible to set logging trace and tracklog opacity (martin.kolman)
- Make it possible to set route opacity (martin.kolman)
- Fix indentation (martin.kolman)
* Sun Mar 19 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 0.54.4-1
- Switch README to rst & fix formatting (martin.kolman)
- Clear on-map point menus when map is clicked (martin.kolman)
- Fix map canvas debug option not being persistent (martin.kolman)
- Make top level elements rotate correctly on Sailfish OS (martin.kolman)
- Improve the application window orientation API (martin.kolman)
- List Ubuntu Components as an experimental backend (martin.kolman)
- Fix bullet point formatting (martin.kolman)
- Merge commit '7c81795d2c27b96730c606b5c88ec880d18c5773' (martin.kolman)
- Note POI search method types (martin.kolman)
- Log PyOtherSide version during startup (martin.kolman)
- Fix layer opacity setting (martin.kolman)
- Fix map layer switching (martin.kolman)
- Log how long it took to find a route (martin.kolman)
- Fix returning of results for Monav-based offline routing (martin.kolman)
- Merge branch 'master-sort_search_results_by_distance' (martin.kolman)
- Sort search results by distance (martin.kolman)
- Accommodate QML side sorting by distance (martin.kolman)
- Use formatDistance instead of custom implementation (martin.kolman)
- Add sortable QML ListModel element variant (martin.kolman)
- Merge pull request #4 from r0kk3rz/master (martin.kolman)
- Preliminary Ubuntu Touch Support (r0kk3rz)
- Fix method markup in the docs (martin.kolman)
- Add a note about the API spec to the README (martin.kolman)
- reduce TOC depth (martin.kolman)
- Remove the Authors section (martin.kolman)
- Fix the table of contents (martin.kolman)
- Add Authors section to the API spec (martin.kolman)
- Add Universal Components API specification document (martin.kolman)
- Remove a leftover modRana reference (martin.kolman)
- Add the Tensor application to the list of Universal Component users (martin.kolman)
- Update TODO (martin.kolman)
- Fix a typo (martin.kolman)
- Highlight QML code example (martin.kolman)
- Add the TopMenu element (martin.kolman)
- Add PlatformFlickable and PlatformListView elements (martin.kolman)
- Add a Popup component (martin.kolman)
- Remove remaining modRana rWin dependencies (martin.kolman)
- Convert all variant usage to var in UC (martin.kolman)
- Fix the animate argument semantics (martin.kolman)
- Correctly report window portrait status with Controls backend (martin.kolman)
- Remove a debugging message (martin.kolman)
- Show the content of the ComboBox description property (martin.kolman)
- Add the description property for ComboBox with Controls backend (martin.kolman)
* Wed Feb 01 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 0.54.3-1
- Possible fix for no tiles being shown at startup (martin.kolman)
- Fix place search (martin.kolman)
* Tue Jan 31 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 0.54.2-1
- Rename Address search to Place search (martin.kolman)
- Merge branch 'master-osm_scout_server_routing' (martin.kolman)
- Add support for using the OSM Scout Server for routing (martin.kolman)
- Add support for converting OSM Scout Server routing result JSON to a way (martin.kolman)
- Merge branch 'master-osm_scout_server_POI_search' (martin.kolman)
- Add OSM Scout Server local search support (martin.kolman)
- Add support for OSM Scout based place search (martin.kolman)
- Automatic/user triggered changed signal differentiation (martin.kolman)
* Mon Jan 30 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 0.54.1-1
- Add support for showing GPX tracklogs (martin.kolman)
- Refactoring and cleanup (martin.kolman)
- Add getters for the Qt 5 GUI (martin.kolman)
- Some loadTracklog fixes (martin.kolman)
- Add the list_logs icon (martin.kolman)
- Use map coordinates when drawing route and logging traces (martin.kolman)
- Improve coordinate conversion functions (martin.kolman)
- Fix some typos (martin.kolman)
- Scale also POI label text size according to DPI (martin.kolman)
- Scale POI markers according to DPI (martin.kolman)
- DPI scaling for the position indicator (martin.kolman)
- Add support for map canvas redraw debugging (martin.kolman)
- Actually stop drawing the trace when logging is stopped (martin.kolman)
- Disable a debug log message (martin.kolman)
- Repaint canvas once route clear button is pressed (martin.kolman)
- Filter logging trace points before drawing (martin.kolman)
- Pause trace drawing when track recording is paused (martin.kolman)
- Refactor the loadTracklogs module a bit (martin.kolman)
- Merge branch 'master-draw_track_logging_trace' (martin.kolman)
- Add support for tracklog trace drawing (martin.kolman)
- Fix formatting of the GUI style constants dictionary (martin.kolman)
- Fixup the README a bit (martin.kolman)
- Fix layout of the Bitcoin page (martin.kolman)
- Show modRana version in page header (martin.kolman)
- Fix various high DPI issues (martin.kolman)
- Fix high DPI mode style constants (martin.kolman)
- Report screen size from QML to Python (martin.kolman)
- Fix Sailfish OS detection (martin.kolman)
- Merge branch 'master-better_tile_display' (martin.kolman)
- Fix coordinate conversion functions (martin.kolman)
- Update tiles when panning (martin.kolman)
- Fix offset computation that runs when pan ends (martin.kolman)
- Work around a bug in the Sailfish OS version of Qt5 (martin.kolman)
- Comment out the position error indicator for now (martin.kolman)
- Improved tile display in Qt 5 GUI (martin.kolman)
- Use proper tile download status indication constant (martin.kolman)
* Wed Jan 04 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 0.53.5-1
- Use a slightly lighter background for the Sailfish OS icon (martin.kolman)
* Wed Jan 04 2017 Martin Kolman <> - 0.53.4-1
- Add Sailfish OS styled icon to the Silica theme (martin.kolman)
- Use appropriately styled icons on Sailfish OS (martin.kolman)
- Run unit tests with Python 3 (martin.kolman)
- Add unit test for the MapLayers class (martin.kolman)
- Fix a typo and add a nite (martin.kolman)
- Layer timeout should be either float or None (martin.kolman)
- Merge branch 'master-move_layer_classes_to_core' (martin.kolman)
- PEP 8 & docs for map layer classes (martin.kolman)
- Move layer definition classes to core (martin.kolman)
* Thu Dec 01 2016 Martin Kolman <> - 0.53.3-1
- Add OSM Scout Server layers (martin.kolman)
- Some PEP8 for (martin.kolman)
- Some PEP8 for (martin.kolman)
- Update bundled urllib3 to 1.19 (martin.kolman)
- Change thread count options a bit (martin.kolman)
- Expose automatic thread download count in the Qt 5 GUI (martin.kolman)
- Use default thread count from constants (martin.kolman)
- Fix platform detection on Sailfish OS (martin.kolman)
- Add a more comprehensive test for the Point class (martin.kolman)
- Refactor config handling code & config handling unit tests (martin.kolman)
- Redirect all log messages to stdout when running tests (martin.kolman)
- Prevent & from breaking Pango (martin.kolman)
- Merge branch 'master' of (martin.kolman)
- Check if the default map and user config files are valid (martin.kolman)
- Merge pull request #137 from DerDakon/preset-OpenRailwayMap (martin.kolman)
- add OpenRailwayMap overlays (eike)
- Bump map config file revision (martin.kolman)
- Add an "overlay" suffix to the OpenFireMap label (martin.kolman)
- Merge pull request #136 from DerDakon/preset-OpenFireMap (martin.kolman)
- add OpenFireMap to map presets (kde)
- Bump map config file revision (martin.kolman)
- Remove OSM prefixes for OpenStreetMap layer names (martin.kolman)
- Update URLs for OpenTopoMap, Hike & Bike and Land/Hill Shading layers (martin.kolman)
- PEP8 for the routing module (martin.kolman)
- Show what failed when routing fails (martin.kolman)
- Initial Monav Light offline routing support (martin.kolman)
- Fix imports (martin.kolman)
- More PEP8 and a little cleanup (martin.kolman)
- Add a shutdown signal (martin.kolman)
- Add a script for pretty human readable changelog generation (martin.kolman)
* Sun Oct 11 2015 Martin Kolman <> - 0.53.2-1
- Handle no results for saved overlay configs (martin.kolman)
- Hack around Android/Qt Resource import weirdness in bundled urllib3 (martin.kolman)
* Sat Oct 10 2015 Martin Kolman <> - 0.53.1-1
- Don't instantiate tile elements until layer list is loaded (martin.kolman)
- Fix a typo (martin.kolman)
- Add Thunderforest map layers (martin.kolman)
- Handle inheritence in the 2.5 property setter implementation (martin.kolman)
- Use milliseconds for internal timeout specifications consistently (martin.kolman)
- Make sure the timeout is an integer (martin.kolman)
- Improve a docstring (martin.kolman)
- Create folder for store if it does not exist yet (martin.kolman)
- Update the bundled copy of urllib3 to 1.11 (martin.kolman)
- Cleanup the PinchMap file a bit (martin.kolman)
- Handle the unlikely case of a lookup db and store db mismatch (martin.kolman)
- Don't wrap sqlite tile lookup in str() before detection (martin.kolman)
- Improve debugging output when listing stores for a tile loading request (martin.kolman)
- Use store name not full path for discovered storage db connections (martin.kolman)
- Make it possible to enable tile storage debugging from the Qt 5 GUI (martin.kolman)
- Reword debugging message triggers for tiles (martin.kolman)
- Add a log message for enabling/disabling of tile loading debugging (martin.kolman)
- Don't sleep when shutting down modRana (martin.kolman)
- Log how long store closing at shutdown took (martin.kolman)
- Move elapsed time string generation to utils (martin.kolman)
- Add information about elapsed time to relevant tile loading debugging messages (martin.kolman)
- cleanup unused imports in storeTiles (martin.kolman)
- Add more tile loading debugging messages (martin.kolman)
- Remove old tile storage testing code (martin.kolman)
- Remove some leftover debugging messages (martin.kolman)
- Implement __repr__ for the file based and sqlite tile stores (martin.kolman)
- Use the tile-storage module for tile storage (martin.kolman)
- Initial implementation (martin.kolman)
- Add the backports folder to the Python import path (martin.kolman)
- Add 'core/tile_storage/' from commit 'b41f83a698e46700468e46b52b45266451eea368' (martin.kolman)
- Refactor the AppendOnlyWay class (martin.kolman)
- Make the polyline decoding method public and switch to underscores (martin.kolman)
- Refactor the Way class (martin.kolman)
- Refactor TurnByTurnPoint (martin.kolman)
- Forward command like arguments in startup scripts (martin.kolman)
- Fix generic pc startup script (martin.kolman)
- Add an initial ultra rudimentary unit test for the Point class (martin.kolman)
- Refactor the POI database to a separate module (martin.kolman)
- Reword the "POI added" message a bit (martin.kolman)
- Add function for parsing coordinates in the geo:latitude,longitude format (martin.kolman)
- Make it possible to get POI category by name (martin.kolman)
- Add the poi list-categories subcommand (martin.kolman)
- Add initial poi handling subcommand (martin.kolman)
- The database index might not always be an integer (martin.kolman)
- Refactor and cleanup the menu module a bit (martin.kolman)
- Display Japanese and long strings correctly in notifications (martin.kolman)
- Make it possible to measure the size of wrapped text (martin.kolman)
- Correctly display Japanese on POI markers (martin.kolman)
- Small search result drawing refactoring (martin.kolman)
- Big Point class usage cleanup and improvements (martin.kolman)
- Make it possible to send messages from the main modRana class (martin.kolman)
- Log the "no message handler" error (martin.kolman)
- Rename the check target to test target (martin.kolman)
- Small Point module/class refactoring (martin.kolman)
- Turn point lat, lon and elevation to proper properties (martin.kolman)
- Add basic unit testing infrastructure (martin.kolman)
- Use correct values when generating quad keys (martin.kolman)
* Tue Jun 16 2015 Martin Kolman <> - 0.52.10-1
- Make sure the background bubble stays visible on Sailfish OS (martin.kolman)
- Add long-click menu with a "route here" button (martin.kolman)
- Set start and destination by a function (martin.kolman)
- Add functions for enabling and disabling the routing UI (martin.kolman)
- Make it possible to set marker name when appending it (martin.kolman)
- Move the pinch and mouse areas under them tile grid (martin.kolman)
- Make pan detection HiDPI aware (martin.kolman)
- Don't trigger the long-click signal if a pan is in progress (martin.kolman)
- Clarify Python 3 support (martin.kolman)
- Round position change when panning during pinch zoom (martin.kolman)
- Refactor the map marker implementation (martin.kolman)
- Add support for long-click detection to the PinchMap element (martin.kolman)
- Use rWin.lastGoodPos when computing distance to search results (martin.kolman)
* Wed May 27 2015 Martin Kolman <> - 0.52.9-1
- Make sure that version.txt is present in sourcedir (martin.kolman)
* Mon May 25 2015 Martin Kolman <> - 0.52.8-1
- Create a version.txt file when making the tarball (martin.kolman)
* Tue May 19 2015 Martin Kolman <> - 0.52.7-1
- Only show the keep-screen-on toggle when it does something (martin.kolman)
* Sat May 16 2015 Martin Kolman <> - 0.52.6-1
- More Sailfish Harbour packaging fixes (martin.kolman)
* Wed May 13 2015 Martin Kolman <> - 0.52.5-1
- Remove python3-base dependency on Sailfish OS (martin.kolman)
* Wed May 13 2015 Martin Kolman <> - 0.52.4-1
- Sailfish packaging fixes (martin.kolman)
* Tue Apr 21 2015 Martin Kolman <> - 0.52.3-1
- Fix the Sailfish QML mangling script (martin.kolman)
* Wed Apr 01 2015 Martin Kolman <> - 0.52.2-1
- Initial package