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MIABIS: Minimum Information About BIobank data Sharing (version 2.0)

MIABIS 2.0 represents the minimum information required to initiate collaborations between biobanks and to enable the exchange of biological samples and data. The aim is to facilitate the reuse of bio-resources and associated data by harmonizing biobanking and biomedical research.

The attributes are defined in accordance with epidemiological literature and terminology.

MIABIS 2.0 Core consists of three main components: "Biobank", "Samples Collection" and "Study". Additional components currently under evaluation include, Biological Experiment, Participant, Rare diseases, Samples and Quality.

MIABIS is designed by working group with participants from several BBMRI-ERIC national nodes as well as other research institutions.

MIABIS 2.0 Core:

Additional components (currently under proposal, NOT FINAL):

Structured data and lists:

Machine readable implementations: