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MIABIS: Minimum Information About BIobank data Sharing

The Minimum Information About BIobank data Sharing (MIABIS) aims to standardize data elements used to describe biobanks, research on samples and associated data. The MIABIS Community Standards work on several granularity levels, with the aim to support interoperability between biobanks sharing their data. General attributes to describe biobanks, sample collections and studies at an aggregated/metadata level are defined in MIABIS Core 2.0. Additional MIABIS modules are currently suggested on the wiki pages, such as Biological Experiment, Sample Donor, Rare diseases, Samples and Quality. However these have not been finalized yet and should be considered as draft suggestions.

The work on the MIABIS community standards follows the new MIABIS governance model introduced in 2016 by BBMRI-ERIC. The new governance model splits the MIABIS definition work into focused modules, each module having an initial pre-defined scope which is based on given use cases. The finalized MIABIS modules are accepted by the Management Committee of BBMRI-ERIC. MIABIS modules are developed by working groups with voluntary participants from different BBMRI-ERIC national nodes as well as other domain experts.

MIABIS 2.0 Core:

MIABIS Core 2.0 represents the minimum information required to initiate collaborations between biobanks and to enable the exchange of biological samples and data. The aim is to facilitate the reuse of bio-resources and associated data by harmonizing biobanking and biomedical research. The attributes are defined in accordance with epidemiological literature and terminology.

MIABIS Core 2.0 consists of three main components: "Biobank", "Samples Collection" and "Study".

Additional components (under active development):

Additional suggested components (for which working groups have not been established yet):

Structured data and lists:

Machine readable implementations:

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