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"required": [
"attributes": {
"script": {
"description": "Free text of the script.",
"ui-priority": 10,
"misp-attribute": "text"
"comment": {
"description": "Comment associated to the script.",
"ui-priority": 1,
"misp-attribute": "text"
"language": {
"description": "Scripting language used for the script.",
"ui-priority": 9,
"misp-attribute": "text",
"disable_correlation": true,
"sane_default": [
"filename": {
"description": "Filename used for the script.",
"ui-priority": 8,
"misp-attribute": "filename",
"multiple": true,
"disable_correlation": true
"state": {
"misp-attribute": "text",
"ui-priority": 0,
"description": "Known state of the script.",
"multiple": true,
"disable_correlation": true,
"values_list": [
"version": 1,
"description": "Object describing a computer program written to be run in a special run-time environment. The script or shell script can be used for malicious activities but also as support tools for threat analysts.",
"meta-category": "misc",
"uuid": "6bce7d01-dbec-4054-b3c2-3655a19382e2",
"name": "script"