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"requiredOneOf": [
"attributes": {
"comment": {
"description": "A description of the Suricata rule(s).",
"ui-priority": 0,
"misp-attribute": "comment"
"suricata": {
"description": "Suricata rule.",
"ui-priority": 0,
"misp-attribute": "snort",
"multiple": true
"version": {
"description": "Version of the Suricata rule depending where the suricata rule is known to work as expected.",
"ui-priority": 0,
"misp-attribute": "text"
"ref": {
"description": "Reference to the Suricata rule such as origin of the rule or alike.",
"misp-attribute": "link",
"ui-priority": 0
"version": 2,
"description": "An object describing one or more Suricata rule(s) along with version and contextual information.",
"meta-category": "network",
"uuid": "3c177337-fb80-405a-a6c1-1b2ddea8684a",
"name": "suricata"