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========================================Not Released Updates==========================================
===========================================Released Updates===========================================
*Added Polish Language file (Thanks toKruczyslaw)
*Fixed issue #647 - Densifier not outputting to hopper
*Fixed issue #658 - Densifier NBT Saving Crashing Server
*Updated Pluto Celestial Map texture to match latest NASA images (Suggestion #598 )
*Fixed Ceres, Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn, Uranus having incorrect liquid at the bottom of Ravines sometimes (Issue #640 - Lava spawning underground on Uranus)
*Fixed issue #637 - Space stations always dump the player in the overworld
*Fixed MatterOverdrive android exclusion from pressure & radiation checks not working if not wearing any suit of armour (Issue #522 - MatterOverdrive android support not working after adding)
*Fixed issue #662 - Tier 1/2 batteries not taking ore dict lead
*Changed requirement of MJRLegendsLib to 1.12.2-1.2.1 & above
*Fixed a crash with the BasicDensifier when restarting world during a machine operating
*Updated comments on some config sections to outline the importance of there usage
*Added IC2 nano armour and Galaxy Space Space suit to be default entered for "List of armour items to be considered as a space suit" in config (Will only work for new generated configs)
*Added IC2 quantum armour to be default entered for "List of armour items to be considered as a space suit" in config (Will only work for new generated configs) & tweaked nano armour values
*Added support to use ExtraPlanets Radiation System on other addon planets/moons
*Fixed issue #302 - Unable to Install Module, After Uninstalling with requirement items already in inventory
*Fixed inventory being full when uninstalling a module causing a crash
*Fixed issue #597 - Space Suit Breaking at 0 Power
*Fixed issue #621 - Iapetus has tier 6, but Saturn and its other moons have 5
*Updated ru_RU.lang(Thanks to Romz24)
*Added a Environment Emergency Kit with a temporary Space Suit
*Fixed Geiger Counter output being old style of radiation display output
*Changed Temp Space Suit ticks & Modules Tick for Space Suits to not run during certain gamemodes
*Added support for /gckit command to give Environment Emergency Kit item aswell
*Added Basic/Advanced Solar Panel modules for space suit
*Improved the Evolved Magma Cube Boss Texture
*Changed Evolved Magma Cube Boss to be immune from fire
*Bit of code clean up for Evolved Magma Cube Boss rendering
*Added a Evolved Magma Cube Mob for use in Mercury Dungeons
*Improved/Added more content to the Mercury Dungeons
*Added Evolved Ancient Magma Cubes for use in Jupiter Dungeons
*Improved/Added more content to the Jupiter Dungeons
*Added logWood ore dict for all Kepler22b Log Blocks
*Added plankWood ore dict for all Kepler22b Plank Blocks
*Added tooltip to Space suits regarding power being only needed for space suits
*Fixed issue #595 - Kepler22b Planks > Vanilla Pressure Plates Crafting issue
*Fixed All Axes, Hoes, Shovels, Swords, Pickaxes tools holding and inventory displays for MC 1.10.2+ (Fixes issue #596)
*Added a config (on by default) of "Use Realistic Atmosphere Sky Colous for Planets/Moons" which will disable colour sky/fog for phobos, deimos, callisto, ganymede, titania, ceres and oberon & more (#585)
*Added fire affect to when a player is in magma (Currently doesnt work fully but looks better than no fire)
*Fixed lava effect overlay, when in lava not rendering due to fog rendering, (Issue #500)
*Fixed issue #604 - Crafttweaker Rocket Recipes adds recipes for rocket parts
*Fixed NullPointerException error spam when hovering over a non ExtraPlanets body on ExtraPlanets Galaxy Map
*Fixed cast error with GalaxySpace Planets/Moons that dont override the WorldProviderSpace class for GC API support
*Added support for Galacticraft Planets/Moons with ExtraPlanets Galaxy Map Material list feature
*Fixed issue #587 - Space suit Jetpack Bug while landing on the Planets
*Fixed issue #588 - Wrong sound for kepler 22b dirt
*Fixed false tool tip on potash about where its found
*Fixed missing entries in ja_JP & es_ES lang files
*Fixes for wrong planets/moons tool tips on liquid buckets
-Removed false Triton from Frozen Water
-Add missing Callisto to Crystalized Water
-Add missing Saturn to Methane
-Add missing Neptune to Radio Active Water
*Fixed possible crash with Custom Celestial Galaxy Map when a body doesn't have a icon texture
*Fixed other Oberon biomes not generating
*Fixed double amount radiation being slowly reduced on planets
*Fixed sounds for Kepler22b Saplings, Kepler22b Tall Grass, Red/Orange Sand, and all Grass blocks issue #586
*Increased Copper & Tin ore generation on Ganymede and Callisto
*Increased Iron Ore generation for Europa
*Improved GanyMede ~Surface, Sub Surface, Stone textures to look less grid effect
*Improved Iapetus Surface, Sub Surface, Stone, Ores textures to look less grid effect
*Improved Rhea Surface, Sub Surface, Stone, Ores textures to look less grid effect
*Improved Titan main Surface, Sub Surface, Stone, textures to look less grid effect
*Improved Titania Surface textures to look less grid effect
*Improved Neptunes Surface, Sub Surface, Stone, Ores textures to look less grid effect
*Added materials hover info for all planets and moon to extended info on custom Celestial Galaxy Screen (Only when using ExtraPlanets Celestial Galaxy Screen!)
*Added an API registry system for the material list feature for Custom Galaxy Map in ExtraPlanets for other devs to use in their addons
*Changed requirement of MJRLegendsLib to 1.12.2-1.2.0 & above
*Fixed a bug where if MachineMusePowersuits mod is installed space suit got picked up as 0 tier in radiation calculation
*Fixed gained radiation going negative in certain instances
*Allow MatterOverdrive android to bypass radiation/pressure systems #522
*Fixed issue #583 - Suns smaller than should be on Moons
*Added custom sun sizes/scales for all space stations (Suggestion from #448)
*Fixed parent planets not scaling correctly on moon dimensions (Suggestion from #448)
*Added a custom Sky Provider for Kepler22b (Suggestion from #448)
*Changed chat message for showing current amount of radiation to show in the format AMOUNT / 100 rather than a % which caused confusion
*Renamed "Custom Galaxies on Celestaial Selection Screen" config option to "Enable showing of Custom Galaxies on the Custom Celestial Selection Screen" due to confusion when reading the config
*Added natural slowly reducing of players radiation levels (with 1.5x speed on Planets/Moons)
*Improved the planet/moon/station arrival message to be more clear
*Lowered the amount of radiation gained on planets/moons (Radiation for dimensions with below 10/100% radiation is lowered by 25% and dimensions with 10+/100% radiation is lowered by 75%)
*Fixed a bunch of Celestial word typos in config options
*Updated ru_RU.lang (Thanks to Romz24)
*Fixed issue #568
*Fixed issue #569
*Fixed cascading worldgen lag issue with kepler22b
*Small fix for Kepler22b Biome decorator
*Fixed issue #556
*Fixed issue #545
*Fixed issue #548
*Fixed issue #541
*Updated custom celestial selection screen with GC changes in build 255
*Changed Galacticraft minimum version to Build 255
*Removed onUseWrench for machines since GC no longer requires this as of build 247
*Bunch of code cleanup and removing not needed code
*Updated Item Models to use GC new method of getClientTimeTotal and not getMilliseconds
*Removed some not needed meta uses, removed not needed overriding of getPickBlock method
*Started removing use of getStateFromMeta in world gen structures
*Small amount of code cleanup
*Fixed All rocket models when rendering in item frames
*Fixed Mars/Venus rovers & Decontamination Unit rendering in item frames
*Fixed issue #535 (Spelling error in EP Settings/Config under Items section)
*Fixed issue #537 (Decontamination Unit scale in first person offhand too big)
*Fixed issue #534 (Unable to set radiation reducing methods to 0 affect in config file)
*Added forced crash for any space stations that the parent planet already has one for
*Added Important message to Custom Celestial Selection screen for Planet Progressions
*Small improvement to important message to Custom Celestial Selection screen for Planet Progressions
*Added config option to disable Legacy Dimension ID Migration by default
*Updated ru_RU.lang (Thanks to Smollet777)
*Updated ko_KR.lang (Thanks to mindy15963)
*Fixed issue #516 - List of Armour to be considered config not working when more than one entry made
*Updated ru_RU.lang (Thanks to Smollet777)
*Updated lang files to match MC 1.7.10
*Added missing Eris 2.0 language localization
*Fixed Advanced & Ultimate Fuel Loaders having the wrong texture for fuel input
*Updated ru_RU.lang (Thanks to Smollet777)
*Updated ru_RU.lang (Thanks to Romz24)
*Updated zh_CN.lang (Thanks to mcBegins2Snow)
*Fixed issue #510
*Added back durability bar on Space Suit & made Space Suit Corrosion Resistant (For GC's Venus)
*Added a model for the Jetpack on the Space Suit
*Fdded Flame particles for the Jetpack on the Space Suit
*Fixed issue #499
*Fixed issue #487
*Fixed issue #493
*Fixed issue #492
*Updated zh_CN.lang (Thanks to mcBegins2Snow)
*Added ja_JP.lang (Thanks to ShinoShino-pavlichenko)
*Fixed issue #479
*Added Pressure/Radiation modules for MachineMusePowersuits (Mod Compatibility)
*Updated es_ES.Lang (Thanks to Yataro-Ibuza)
*Fixed issue #475
*Fixed batteries and Tier 1 - 4 Space Suit items not showing in Creative Tab when searching, Fixes half of issue #472
*Fixed possible crash issue on redstone activation for Nuclear Bomb/Fire Bomb
*Updated zh_CN.lang (Thanks to mcBegins2Snow)
*Should hopefully fix issue #476
*Small fix for disabling jei support via config
*Fixed api change with Galacticraft
*Changes to make robust spawning of landers on servers
*Fixed issue #467
*Fixed issue with jei overlapping module manager screen, fixes issue #402
*Clean up of GUI Module Manager code
*Fixed space suit having the wrong texture on one of the bottles on the back
*Set minimum version of MJRLegendsLib requirement to v1.1.9
*Set required GC version requirement to Build 237
*Fixed missing lang for titan moon when galaxyspace compact is enabled
*Added support for ExtraPlanets Celestial Map to support PlanetProgressions research system
*Set minimum version for an optional dependency of PlanetProgression, so things dont break if older version of PlanetProgression is used
*Added PlanetProgression API jar to build.gradle
*Fixed issue with names sometimes going weird on the Galaxy/Celestial Map
*Added tooltip to Potash to help players find its location
*Fixed Purifier, Crystallizer and Densifier not working with multiple Capabilities, Fixes issue #466
*Fixed decontamination unit inventory null pointer error, Fixed issue #458
*Updated ko_KR.lang (Thanks to mindy15963)
*Updated de_DE.lang (Thanks to Rumspringa90)
*Fix possible init issues due to network packets delay with Custom Celestial Selection screen
*Use block state already provided in planet/moon blocks getBlockHardness
*Fixed sensor glasses picking up wrong/missing out valuable blocks on planets/moons
*Added Volcanic Rock, Frozen Nitrogen, Lead ore, Potash to be detected by sensor glasses
*Fixed issue #423
*Fixed Saturn Slime Ore Explosion Resistance, Block Hardness being incorrect
*Improvements to output messages for mod compact not working, Fixed #440
*Improvement towards #439
*Tweaks/improvements to reduced radiation message Fixed #445
*Fixed Anti Rad tooltip not supporting config changes
*Match Galacticraft API changes
*Changed Galacticraft minimum version to Build 212
*Set minimum version of MJRLegendsLib requirement to v1.1.8
*Added config option to disable unreachable moons on galaxy map screen #422
*Two possible fixes towards issue #425
*Fixed Custom galaxies not getting auto disabled when custom celestial selection screen is used, issue #420
*Fixed issue #418 / #406
*Fixed issue #406
*Fixed issue #416
*Small amount of clean up for TileEntitySolar class
*Removed not needed imports
*Fixed issue #415
*Fixes for Basic Densifier/Purifier machines
*Added/Improved config options for issue #412
*Fixed issue #407
*Fixed config option comment being backwards in its explaining.
*Few tweaks that could fix some rover crash issues...
*Attempt to fix issue #409
*Fixed default/creeper bosses for Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto not rendering correctly
*Fixed issue #404
*Added GalaxySpace compact config option, Added config option to disable Extended info panel on Custom Galaxy Map/Celestaial Selection Screen
*Fixed crash issue in first fix for issue #404
*Fixed issue #405 (Commented out pointless code that needs fixing for real seems to be left over from porting from 1.7.10)
*Fixed issue #390
*Missing Dehydrated Beef lang (Thanks to spannerman79)
*Added french language support (Thanks to divergnight) #398
*Fixed issue #399
*Added More Planets Rocket Crusher Machine Compatibility
*Added error logging for ExtremeReactors/MC Multipart compact
*Fixed Lime Medium Oxygen Tank recipe
*Added CraftTweaker support for Tier 4 - 10 rockets recipe changing
*Added ability to bone meal kepler22b grass
*Added Support for other armour to be used a space suit style armor via config option, #341
*Added try catch around the custom CelestialSelection screen features rendering, to allow the gui to render in event of a error
*Fixed Uranus & Saturn Ring rendering
*Fixed/Clean up of formatting
*Fixed issue #389
*Fixed issue #379
*Fixed issue with getting false message when installing a space suit module for a armour item you dont have
*Fixed possible crash with other GC addons when using Galaxy Map
*Force crash game with custom crash log if GalaxyMap from Galaxy Space/AsmodeusCore is still enabled to stop possible conflicts
*Added a temp fix to stop issues being caused on Galaxy map by GalaxySpace addon, not registering unreachable planets correctly
*Fixed issue #363
*Changed network system to use a base class from MJRLegendsLib
*Increased the max amount power a electric rocket can hold, fixes issue #352
*Removed not needed old code
*Fixed issue #350
*Removed not needed code from the Electric Armour class
*Removed not needed variable from Module class
*Updated tr_TR.lang (Thanks to kralrindo)
*Changed to use ConfigGuiFactoryBase from MJRLegendsLib
*Another small tweak towards issue #350
*Fixed issue #361
*Removed not needed arraylist
*Added support for Forge Energy, RF, Mekanism, IC2 energy systems for Tier 1 - 4 Space suits (Fixes issue #319 )
*Updated lang files to support fix for issue #319
*Set minimum version of MJRLegendsLib requirement to v1.1.6
*Fixed issue #360
*Fixed a few typos in Space Suit tooltips
*Added large amounts of Ice generation below the surface of Ganymede, with config option to disable
*Added large amounts of Ice generation to all layers of Europa, with config option to disable
*Added config option to disabled Iron Chunks under the surface of Europa
*Fixed Titan not generating its two other biomes
*Updated ko_KR.lang (Thanks to mindy15963)
*Fixed issue #336
*Fixed issue #337
*Fixed issue #340
*Updated ru_RU.lang (Thanks to rykllan)
*Fixed issue #335
*Added ko_KR.lang (Thanks to mindy15963)
*Updated ru_RU.lang (Thanks to kellixon)
*Changes to Celestial Selection screen to match GC changes
*Set required GC version requirement to Build 178
*Clean up/Small Fixing/Refactoring of code
*Fixed issue #316
*Fixed issue #318
*Fixed issue #315
*Added Tooltip to Tier 1 - 4 Space Suits to explain current charging abilities, related to issue #319
*Added a Space Ship(Rocket) structure to Jupiter
*Added a Satellite Tower Structure to Ceres
*Added config option for Jupiter Space Ship Structure
*Added config option for Ceres Satellite Tower Structure
*Fixed issue #310
*Migrate All Moons Dimension to new IDs of 1500+
*Fixed issue #299
*Allowed the Sensor Glasses Module to fully work now we have a GC hook for it
*Removed Thermal Armour not needed/unused sub items
*Fixed getting radiation when in spectator mode
*Added the ability to install modules in creative mode without the requirements
*Added Meteoric Iron & Desh Meteors to Mercury
*Fixed typo in a config option
*Fixed issue #309
*Temp fixed for Corrosive damage causing space suit to get deleted at max damage
*Fixed issue #300
*Changes to Celestial Selection screen to match GC changes
*Fixed issue #306
*Tier 4 - 10 Rocket Launch particle performance improvements
*Fixed crash issue with having certain parts of the space suit on at a time
*Fixed issue with rendering Celestial Bodies names on Celestial Selection Screen
*Set required GC version requirement to Build 177
*Set required MJRLegendsLib version requirement to v1.1.4
*Fixed issue #292
*Fixed issue #295
*Fixed Yellow Diamond Pickaxe texture being the wrong texture
*Tweaks to Radiation/Pressure HUD messages
*Fixed crash from Custom key binds
*Added missing lang entries
*Fixed issue #288
*Fixed some dimension type issues, including issue #291
*Fixed some dimension type issues part 2
*Added Medium/Low Radiation Messages
*Few tweaks location of Radiation/Pressure bars
*More tweaks to Radiation/Pressure HUD messages
*Fixed Radiation showing planet/moon not player amount
*Added Radiation & Pressure to Space Stations
*Added Config for Amount of Radiation on Space Stations
*Tweaks to comments for Radiation Config options
*Allowed 0 to be used as a Radiation amount for disabling
*Added Config option to unhide Pressure & Radiation HUD when when not needed
*Added Debug outputs for Radiation & Pressure system for when Debug Mode is active
*Added Tier 1 - 4 Space Suit chest with Jet Pack (WIP)
*Added Space Suit Module System, See controls for the key to use
*Fixed wrong armour slots on pressure and radiation checks
*Added Sensor Glasses Module
*Added enabling/disabling modules in Module Manager GUI
*Updated lang files
*Added function to install/uninstall modules in Module Manager GUI
*Enabled ability to add modules to all Space Suit Tiers
*Added Module Manager GUI texture
*Added requirements for installing a module in Module Manager GUI
*Added No Fall Damage Module & Item
*Added Geiger Counter Module
*Added ability to show item stack count in requirements
*Added name/description info to Module Manager GUI
*Improved the API section of the mod/Moved classes around
*Added/Finished a few currently unused base classes
*Added Module Type info to the Module Manager GUI
*Added Pre Launch Checklist Module
*Added Portable NASA Workbench Module
*Changes to Celestial Selection screen to match GC changes
*Added comments & removed not needed code from Celestial Selection screen
*Fixed issue of Celestial Selection screen breaking if changing galaxy when selected/zoom on a body
*Added Names on Moons in the Celestial Selection screen
*Fixed issue #284
*Added Oxygen Tank Auto Swapper Module
*Added Auto Space Gear Equip Module
*Added Power System for Modules/Tier 1 - 4 Space Suits
*Tweaks to Module Manager GUI for Power System info
*Changed texture of Un-Prepared Tier 1 - 4 Space Suits
*Fixed a few Server/Client packet handling issues
*Set required GC version requirement to Build 174
*Fixed player spawning in liquid when re-spawning after death
*Fixed issue #274
*Fixed missing checklist entries from Kepler22b Space Station
*Updated ru_RU.lang (Thanks to kellixon)
*Fixed Celestial Selection screen not displaying correct info when GC Planets & Moons Radiation amounts are changed
*Changes to Celestial Selection screen to match GC changes
*Fixed issue with Custom Celestial Selection launch button not working at first
*Fixed issue #278
*Fix various edge-case Launch/Charging Pad building issues
*Fixed fog not rendering correctly at all heights
*Fixed radiation/pressure info message not showing for GC planets/moons
*Clean up/Fix Formatting
*Set required GC version requirement to Build 169
*Updated ru_RU.lang (Thanks to rykllan)
*Updated zh_TW.lang (Thanks to sfs131010)
*Updated de_DE.lang (Thanks to DerMilchkarton)
*Updated zh_CN.lang (Thanks to SihenZhang)
*Changed Space Suit tool tips to be more helpful and not give false sense of you need to use upgraded space suits
*Simplify Treasure Chests rendering.
*Fix various battery slot issues. Match GC Changes
*Removed Canned Beef as now added by GC
*Removed Canned Beef recipe
*Removed bugged symbol from Celestial body temperature text on Celestial Selection screen
*Fixed issue with Kepler22b Brown & Green Leaves when picking the block in creative mode
*Fixed issue with Kepler22b Tall Grass when picking the block in creative mode
*Fixed using bone meal on Kepler22b Tall Grass
*Fixed Space Suit Helmet being rendered backwards on Armour Stands
*Added more uses for Kepler22b Planks, towards suggestion #163
*Fixed some blocks not showing in search & mod creative tabs
*Clean up for some block classes
*Fixed spreading of Kepler22b grass
*Fixed missing information for Tier 1 Space Suit Tool tip
*Made pressure and radiation damage be performed less often
*Fixed issue #258
*Space Suit model changes to match GC changes
*Changes to Rocket, Lander, Vehicles rendering for improving performance
*More changes to Rocket, Lander, Vehicles rendering (MC 1.12 only)
*Fix Custom GC Batteries not craftable in AE2 due to stacking
*Resized all celestial body textures to 16 x 16
*Clean up/Fix Formatting
*Fixed recipe crash issue when disabling certain config options, found via issue #255
*Added erroring field to the crash message with message about reporting the bug
*Fixed crash issue when disabling Basic Purifier via config
*Fixed a few recipe errors when disabling certain config options found through when testing for issue #256
*Fixed for landing properly on Space Stations for any future Electric Launch controlled rockets
*Added missing machine descriptions
*Updated lang file for missing entries and duplicate entries
*Updated ru_RU.lang (Thanks to rykllan)
*Fix torch placement on a few blocks for MC 1.12+
*Removed not needed console logging, Fixed issue #254
*Fixed issue #253
*Moved entries around in lang files
*Changes to blocks to match GC changes
*Converted Callisto over to multi biome system
*Added Callisto Large Shale Mountain Biome
*Added Callisto Small Shale Mountain Biome
*Added Callisto Salt Sea Biome
*Added Callisto Dried Oil & Shale Oil blocks
*Fixed issue #247
*Updated lang files
*Fixed missing world gen on Saturn and IO due to GC bug
*Reduced dimension size for some textures, to a smaller size
*Set required GC version requirement to Build 144
*Fix player getting stuck inside newly built Launch Pads
*Changes to Celestial Selection screen to match GC changes
*Changes to Rockets to improve FPS in rocket launch sequence
*Added support for Radiation & Pressure for Galacticraft Planets & Moons
*Fixed networking issue
*Updated de_DE.lang (Thanks to DerMilchkarton)
*Moved Radiation & Pressure config options to be section
*Tweaks for some comments
*Fixed spelling error in comment for config option, Cleaned up Config class a bit
*Added config options to change Radiation reduce amounts
*Added config options to change Radiation amounts for Planets & Moons
*Added Radiation & Pressure to Phobos/Deimos moons
*Converted remaining addChatMessage methods over to MJRLegendsLib code
*Fixed/Improved compatibility with JourneyMap and other teleporting mods.
*Fix compatibility with Finder Compass mod
*Set required GC version requirement to Build 142
*Set required MJRLegendsLib version requirement to v1.1.1
*NASA workbench slots now accept valid items from all recipes
*Changes to Celestial Selection screen to match GC changes
*Added config option for Electric Rocket
*Set required GC version requirement to Build 139
*Set required MJRLegendsLib version requirement to v1.1.0
*Tweaks to some model textures
*Refactored some rendering code to MJRLegendsLib
*Tweaks to Custom Celestial Selection screen to match GC changes
*Changed JEI Support Icons from being letters to item icons
*Fixed missing code for Densifier JEI Support
*Added Tool tips for Kits to say purpose & use
*Added da_DK.lang (Thanks to Jin16)
*Updated lang files for some entries that were missing planet name prefix, Removed WIP tags
*Converted more hard coded text to have language file support
*Clean up/Fixed formatting
*Fixed issue to where all tools had a high amount of damage
*Fixed a key binding having a language key including uppercase letters
*Fixed small bug with custom celestial selection screen
*Tweaks for Custom Galaxies selection
*Added colour to Mars/Venus Rover tool tips
*Improved Electric Rocket Schematic Texture
*Added ability to hang Electric Rocket, Mars/Venus rover schematics, Renamed some classes
*Changes to Rockets/Vehicles JEI Support to match GC changes
*Fixed some missing json errors
*Changes for Circuit Fabricator recipe code to match GC changes
*Fixed Mercury Spawner unlocalized name
*Set required GC version requirement to Build 138
*Set required MJRLegendsLib version requirement to v1.0.8
*Fixed issue #239
*Fixed issue #240
*Fixed issue #241
*Added missing ore dict entries
*Fixed issue #232
*Add Condition recipes for Fire Bomb, Chemical Injector Machine recipes
*Added config options for ore generation on planets/moons
*Fixed missing gravel generation on Rhea
*Fixed null pointer on tile entities for getDisplayName
*Clean up/Fixes/Removed uneeded code
*Fixed custom name with Advanced Fuel Loader
*Refactoring of more code to MJRLegendsLib (1/2)
*Refactoring of more code to MJRLegendsLib (2/2)
*Clean up/Fixed Formatting
*Fixed missing machine for commit, Fixed null pointer on tile entities for getDisplayName
*Refactor code in a few Item classes to MJRLegendsLib
*Refactor some code from ClientProxy class in to MJRLegendsLib
*Renamed Decontamination Unit model file
*Set required GC version requirement to Build 133
*Fixed issue #233
*Work towards issue #231 & Few biome fixes
*Few more biome fixes
*Fixed issue #231
*Clean up unneeded biome register code
*Clean up/Fix Formatting
*Fixed error with Basic Purifier JEI Support
*Fixed error with Creative Tab sorting for Custom Batteries
*Few more fixes for Basic Purifier JEI Support
*Fixed issue #226
*Fixed issue #227
*Updated de_DE.lang
*Fixed issue #224
*Changed all Biome types for all biomes
*Added config option to disable them
*Fixes for a few biomes
*Fixed crash on load up for biomes due to recent commit
*Fixed Electric rocket rotation from player controlling
*Small fix for Custom Celestial Selection screen
*Fixed Creative Rocket Electric Rocket not having 100% power
*Fixes for Electric Rocket rotation/rendering
*Fixed missing rendering of side bar for the Electric Rocket
*Clean up/Fix Formatting
*Converted over to use GC new API Biome System
*Changed Galacticraft minimum version to Build 132
*Few fixes for Moon registering for Biome & Mob info methods
*More work on Converting over to use GC new API Biome System
*Fixed issue #222
*Fixed issue #221
*Fixed issue #220
*Fixed issue #209
*Fixed issue #216
*Updated de_DE.lang (Thanks to DerMilchkarton)
*Fixed issue #215
*Fixed issue #217
*Fixed issue #218
*Changed implements for World providers classes to be added in the parent class
*Removed not needed code from the Giant Zombie Boss
*Tweaks to the Snowman Boss moving speed
*Added Evolved Spaceman boss to Pluto Dungeons
*Tweaks for Spaceman boss
*Fixed missing registering of tile entities for Default Boss Pluto/Eris Dungeon Spawners
*Updated lang files
*Fixed Spaceman Boss sounds
*Added nl_NL.lang (Thanks to BB889)
*Updated lang files to match below 1.12
*Fixed Saturn Slime ore dropping the wrong meta data for slime balls
*Added Fingerprint Violation Jar Signing
*Fixed issue #207
*Fixed packet error with vehicle charger
*Clean up
*Fixed Galacticraft Version Checker for dev workspace
*Fixed Electric Rocket not exploding when hitting the ground
*Fixed Chat text to show power not fuel for when getting in Electric Rocket
*Fixes for double "will" in comments in Config options
*Added Config option for the Vehicle Charger
*Changed Mars Rover to be added to the Mars Dungeon now that GC has fixed the boss issue for Mars
*Updated Galacticraft Version checker to a minimum version of build #128
*Tile Entity tweaks to match GC changes
*Changed requirement of MJRLegendsLib to 1.12.2-1.0.6 & above
*Converted Basic Block Smasher over to a general list of recipes
*Added CraftTweaker Support for Basic Smasher
*Few fixes for Block Smasher Recipe System
*Converted Basic Solar Evaporation Chamber over to a general list of recipes
*Fixed a few automation issues with some machines
*Added CraftTweaker Support for Basic Solar Evaporation Chamber
*Changes to timing of registering machine recipes
*Fixes for CraftTweaker dependency requirement
*Changes for latest Galacticraft API changes
*Fixed Triton Ice Sea Biome
*Refactor more code/classes to MJRLegendsLib
*Added Json Recipe for Anti Radiation Drink
*Fixed OpenGL Error spam
*Added Diamond, Gold, Coal, Iron, Emerald Grit Blocks
*Added Kepler22b Diamond Plains Biome
*Added Diamond Trees to the Diamond Plains Biome
*Added Diamond Ore Spheres to the Diamond Plains Biome
*Added Kepler22b Coal, Iron, Gold, Emerald Plains Biome
*Added Coal, Iron, Gold, Emerald Trees to the Coal, Iron, Gold, Emerald Plains Biome
*Added Coal, Iron, Gold, Emerald Ore Spheres to the Coal, Iron, Gold, Emerald Plains Biome
*Changed Kepler22b Rare biomes rate
*Fixed Emerald Grit having the wrong name
*Converted Europa over to multi biome system
*Added Europa Salt Sea Biome
*Added Europa Valleys Biome
*Added Spheres of Iron ore generation between y 20 & 40
*Added Caves full of Liquid Crystallized Water to Europa
*Added Config options for 90% of the world gen features
*Removed the Config option for Ceres Rocket Tier requirement
*Updated lang files
*Fixes names for Eris Bosses
*Added/Tweaks to comments on all Config options
*Changed requirement of MJRLegendsLib to 1.12.2-1.0.5 & above
*Updated lang files
*Fixed crash when placing the Vehicle Charger (1.11+)
*Added config option for adding of other items to the ore dict
*Tweaks to the comment of the Enable Ore Generation of Lead Config option
*Moved the registering of Ore dict entries to register item event
*Fixed issue with crafting batteries and using them for crafting
*Fixed recipe issue with Tier 2 Full Protection kit
*Disabled dev only option of generating recipe json files
*Made biome names more user friendly
*Fixed biome server crash due to client only method
*Changed Kepler22b World gen classes to match others
*Fixed Evolved Snowman Boss sounds
*Added Evolved Giant Zombie boss to Eris Dungeons
*Added loot back to Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Eris,
*Update es_ES.lang (Thanks to Spellkaze)
*Added the ability for recipes to not be enabled when certain config options are turned off
*Fixed crash with shift clicking in custom vehicles
*Added tool tips to Mars and Venus Rover to say how to use them
*Fixed the issue with fog staying after traveling to a planet or moon that has fog
*Removed not needed TODO tag comments within code
*Converted all hardcoded items/blocks such as sticks & dyes in recipes to ore dict versions
*Converted system for adding ore dict for Lead ingots to same system as other ore dict recipes
*Removed Biome ID Category from config
*Added Config option for Custom Fog Effect on Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn, Neptune
*Updated zh_CH.lang (Thanks to sdjnmxd)
*Added Extra information to the Electric Rocket Tool tip
*Added Config GUI Factory, for ingame config editing
*Added missing Densifier GUI Fluid textures
*Few more tweaks for missing Densifier GUI Fluid textures
*Fixed certain kits giving free parachutes and shield controllers
*Changed requirement of MJRLegendsLib to 1.12.2-1.0.4 & above
*Refactoring to use Model Utilities & Translate Utilities classes from MJRLegends Lib
*Changed requirement of MJRLegendsLib to 1.12.2-1.0.3 & above
*Added class containing all current recipes for future possible json generation
*Added Block of Nickel &* Platinum
*Fixed spelling error for Kepler22b Ore Platinum
*Changed Mars/ Venus Rover Schematics textures
*Added Tool tips for Custom Wafers to tell the player where they are used
*Updated lang files
*Added Block of Nickel & Platinum recipes (in Generation Class)
*Updated JEI Support from JEI 4.5 to 4.8
*Fixed warning with JEI Support classes
*Fixed some raw type warnings
*Fixed a few deprecated methods
*Clean up/Fix formatting
*Fixed creative tabs issue, removed tools and armour tabs
*Fixed double registering of the Callisto biome
*Tweaks to registering of items & blocks
*Fixed broken recipe for Tier 1 Pressure Layer
*Port from MC 1.11.2 version