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Small script to crawl biorxiv (and extract the info where the articles are published)

I was once asked where the articles on biorxiv are published later on. Well - I wasn't exactly asked for this - the statement was rather: "once your manuscript is on biorxiv, no good journal wants it anymore". As I couldn't find any information on where the articles on biorxiv get published afterwards, I wrote this small crawler script and created a table with the number of publications per journal on biorxiv. Note that the table is sorted and contains only Journals with more than one article. The table linkPublishedIn.txt contains the original data with each article and the info where it's published (28th of December 2016). I changed "ELife" into "eLife", but some other journals may still have double names and are therefore not recognized correctly in the table with the counts (some counts may therefore be underestimated).

I think that the top 50 entries of the table are enough to disprove the statement that "once your manuscript is on biorxiv, no good journal wants it anymore":

journal frequency
unpublished 4918
Bioinformatics 120
Scientific Reports 103
eLife 97
Genetics 91
PLOS Genetics 73
PLOS Computational Biology 69
G3: Genes|Genomes|Genetics 66
Nucleic Acids Research 55
Genome Biology 54
Nature Communications 48
Genome Research 46
BMC Genomics 44
Molecular Biology and Evolution 38
BMC Bioinformatics 34
Molecular Ecology 27
Nature Genetics 27
NeuroImage 25
PeerJ 24
Evolution 23
Genome Biology and Evolution 23
Nature Methods 21
American Journal of Human Genetics 20
Systematic Biology 20
F1000Research 18
Cell Reports 17
Journal of the Royal Society Interface 16
Journal of Theoretical Biology 16
PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases 16
Genome Medicine 15
Biology Open 14
Frontiers in Microbiology 14
GigaScience 14
ACS Synthetic Biology 13
Biophysical Journal 13
Journal of Neuroscience 13
Molecular Biology Of The Cell 13
Molecular Ecology Resources 13
Nature 13
Nature Neuroscience 13
Molecular Biology And Evolution 12
PLOS Biology 12
Proceedings B 12
Science 12
Development 11
Journal of Evolutionary Biology 11
mBio 11
Theoretical Population Biology 11
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