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The final version of the AI designed keyboard layout
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Halmak Keyboard Layout

This is an AI designed keyboard layout that was built within the keyboard-gentics project. More details and a documented process can be found in this blog


  • Build based on the real world hand movements analysis
  • Nearly maximal possible typing efficiency
  • Very low overall fingers movement distance
  • Very low same finger / same hand usage overheads
  • Very low overall horizontal hands movement
  • Highly symmetrical design that accounts for individual fingers strength
  • Designed with the modern, web based English in mind


During the research I've identified the following results: in terms of efficiency

  • QWERTY - 0% (base line)
  • Dvorak - +77%
  • Colemak - +84%
  • Workman - +101%
  • Halmak - +134%

Please refer to this article for the more detailed breakdown of the results.

All scripts are opensourced and can be verified in the keyboard-gentics repository.

The Name

The name is a combination of HAL-9000, as a reference to the layout being designed by an AI. And, Dvorak as a gratitude to Mr. Dvorak for his dedication to the layouts optimizations process. The letter m in between is just to make it sound nicer. Or is it!?...


  • Git clone all the stuff somewhere
  • Copy Halmak.bundle into your /Library/Keyboard Layouts folder (create if it is missing)
  • Sign out, Sign in
  • Go to the keyboard preferences and add the Halmak layout
  • Ask here in issues if nothing works


There is an unofficial support module for the TypeFu app that provides support for the Halmak layout:


Copyright & License

Again, I'm not sure if there is a point to this. But I guess it's MIT.

Copyright (C) 2016 Nikolay Nemshilov

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