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David Fisher
David Fisher committed Jan 17, 2013
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@@ -22,13 +22,20 @@ Make sure you have the following `ENV` vars in your heroku config
» heroku config
=== doshmosh Config Vars
+APP_NAME: your-heroku-app-name
HEROKU_API_KEY: your-heroku-api-key
NEW_RELIC_API_KEY: your-new-relic-api-key
NEW_RELIC_APP_NAME: your-app-name-on-new-relic
NEW_RELIC_ID: your-account-id-on-new-relic
+It is very likely have you won't already have your APP_NAME and HEROKU_API_KEY in there,
+so add them with `heroku config:add APP_NAME=foobar HEROKU_API_KEY=your_api_key`.
+You can get your Heroku API Key from but unfortunately,
+Heroku's API is currenly on a per-account basis, not a per-application basis.
Once you've done with those, add the `rake save:your:dosh` task in heroku's scheduler
and set the minimal timeout of `10 mins`. (don't make it less than 6 mins, otherwise
new relic will kick your ass)

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