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Newsletter Advanced
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179 EUR
Newsletter Advanced
The Newsletter Module for MailBeez, with Segmentation, Coupons and more
Newsletter Profi
Das Newsletter Module für MailBeez, mit Segmentierung, Gutscheinen und mehr

The Mailbeez Newsletter module represents a completely new approach to an integrated eCommerce newsletter function, offering store owners exciting new enhancements, and the ability to create personalized, intelligent email campaigns right from the shopping-cart's admin area.


Sending an email newsletter from a standard install of any system variant of OScommerce is a very unappetizing task, which is why there has, in recent years, been a proliferation of 3rd party email newsletter subscribers who have provided the tools that most merchants wished their online shopping-cart system could provide. With the introduction of the Mailbeez Newsletter module, store owners finally have the tools to create email campaigns directly from their admin panel; campaigns that match those of feature rich 3rd party systems.

As a seamless integrated module, the MailBeez Newsletter Advanced Module has direct access to your customer's newsletter subscription setting. This allows you to send a newsletter campaign to all your subscribed customers without exporting or importing any data!


The process of creating and editing a newsletter is very easy: the intuitive visual editor allows you to create professional newsletters that display in the best possible manner across different email clients. In combination with the Responsive Template Manager you will also be able to create mobil-friendly responsive newsletters which will look great e.g. on your customers iPhone.

Free choice of Email-Server

The open and conversion rates of your bulk mailings are strongly dependent on the sending email server. MailBeez allows you to either send the generated emails through your shopping-cart's host server's email function, an SMTP server of your choice, or the certfied email servers of our partner Newsletter2Go.

Powerful segmentation rules

Thanks to the seamless integration of MailBeez with your shopping-cart system, the Newsletter Advanced module has access to all existing data. The built-in segmentation engine allows you to build customer segments based on purchase behaviour and other parameters, (geographic, demographic) to personalize your bulk mailings!

The powerful segmentation rules allow you to create a virtually endless number of targeted newsletter campaigns:


Upsell / Cross-Sell

  • segmentation: customers, who purchased product x, but not product y
  • coupon: free shipping within 7 days.

Last year's 1-time holiday shoppers

  • segmentation: 1 purchase between 1st of october 2012 and 31st of december 2012
  • coupon: 10% off, valid for 14 days

season newsletters to all customers

  • pre-program your season newsletters
  • no segementation

welcome newsletter series

  • segmentation: customer since x days, but less than y day

Product recall / warning email

  • segmentation: customers, who purchased product x, regardless of their newsletter subscription status


Unified Contact Management for customers and prospects

  • Capture customer opt-ins and prospect contacts with SiteBeez Newsletter Registration
  • Target customers and prospects individually
  • Automatic handling of customer and prospects contacts
  • Prospects are moved to customers once they sign up


  • Manage unlimited Topic Areas
  • configure Topic Areas as public/private
  • Topic Areas can be assigned through the subscription form / API
  • Customers can manage public Topic Areas, just place a link with href="[[$config_url]]"


  • create, edit and delete lists for recipients
  • unlimited number of lists
  • segmentation of lists
  • test of segmentation
  • export lists e.g.e for Facebook Custom Audiences

Segmentation features


  • geographic: country, state, zip-code
  • customer: gender, customer since min/max days, customer groups: requires Customer Group-Filter
  • products: purchased / must not have purchased (whitelist/blacklist)
  • categories: purchased / must not have purchased (whitelist/blacklist)
  • orders: max. number of orders, last order before / after date
  • configure countries to ignore customer subscription status for
  • Topic Areas


  • Topic Areas


  • create, edit and delete campaigns
  • unlimited number of campaigns
  • a campaign can hold unlimited number of newsletters
  • assign default list for campaigns (can be overridden on newsletter level)


  • active from / to date
  • select list or you campaign default
  • select coupon template


  • utilising the MailBeez coupon engine
  • create coupon templates utilising all available options
  • automatically generate personalised coupons
  • configure the length and number of days being valid


  • fully integrated with MailBeez Analytics and Google Analytics
  • analyse open, click, order

More Information

Sending process

Newsletter can be sent either manually or automatically. With each run, the sending process will send the number of emails you configured as "chunk size". So you will need to run the sending process until the complete list has been sent.

Configuration example for automata sending:

Set up a cronjob (e.g. all 5 minutes), which exclusively will work on the newsletter modules::

wget -O - -q -t 1 <cronurl>\&module=mb_newsletter

chunk size:

100 emails

Simple throttling (additional module):

3600 emails per hour

The sending process will send out 100 emails per run, approx. one email per second. The Cronjob starts the sending process every 5 minutes (12 times per hour), so it will send out 1200 emails per hour.

Depending on your mailserver you can increase the sending throughput or you can decrease it.

Thanks to throttling and limiting the number of emails sent per run (chunk size), you can stay within the limits given by your hosting service or email server. Also, this helps to reduce the risk of getting flagged as a spam sender.

Customize the export

By default the list export contains following columns:

'id', 'email','firstname', 'lastname', 'blocked'

To extend these columns place a php file e.g. my_nl_export.php in mailhive/common/local/ with following functions - you just need to implement the functions to add the required information for each recipient.


function mh_nl_export_addon_fields()
    // define columns
    return array('gender', 'zipcode');

function mh_nl_export_addon_content($recipient_id)
    // retrieve data by columns
    return array("g_$recipient_id", "z_$recipient_id");

Recommended modules

For best operations we recommend following modules, which will enhance the MailBeez platform. So all other MailBeez modules will be enhanced.

To create and send responsive Emails you need to install the Responsive Template Manager:

Future developments

  • additional Email-templates
  • additional content templates
  • Insert MailBeez Template-Tags with buttons (currently only firstname & lastname)
  • DONE: automatically create product content blocks
  • DONE: personalised contents
  • DONE: Support for "prospect": Visitors can sign-up for the newsletter. Once they convert into a customer the system will recognise it. That allows to sent different newsletters to prospects and customers.
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