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ATTENTION: This repository contains actual malware, do not execute any of these files on your pc unless you know exactly what you are doing. They have been renamed for easier processing.

This is an ongoing and updated archive of files that we collect which are associated with specific public malicious threat reports. If there is a report that is released which we haven't yet covered with related IOCs please feel free to put in a request!

Some of the sources of the reports we have provided samples from include the following:

* FBI Flash Reports
* CISA Alerts
* Kaspersky, Checkpoint, etc.
* Various CyberSecurity Companies
* Various AntiVirus Companies

The families of malware that we include are substantially varied. We have:

* APT Malware (Advanced Persistent Threats)
* Nation States
* Criminal Gangs
* Much More!

All of the malware samples contained in this repository has been collected by various locations. This repository is designed to try to stay up to date with various public reports and to make the process of retrieving the files associated with the reports (tied to the published IOCs) more easily.

The files are organized by report and date in order to make them easier to find as they pertain to the report under which they have been referenced.

If you have a request for samples from a new important report that we haven't yet included in our repository, please feel free to reach out and thanks for stopping by!

If you would like, you may contact the administrators at